Doutzen Kroes on Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins’ Oscar Snub: “[She] Deserved More Than She Got”

by Eddie Roche

The Daily caught up with model-turned-actress Doutzen Kroes at Stuart Weitzman’s fall 2018 presentation and cocktail party to get the scoop on her burgeoning acting career and what it was like to work on one of the biggest comic book movies of all time. But first, those boots!

Let’s talk about your epic red boots! 
These are comfortable winter shoes except for the heel, but on days like this where there’s no snow, it’s fine! Compared to a lot of other brands, the Stuart Weitzman shoe is very comfortable! It’s a very innovative brand. Bringing Giovanni in is such a great way to make it even better. I’m excited to be here!

Doutzen Kroes at the Stuart Weitzman fw2018 presentation and cocktail party.

We didn’t know you were living in Amsterdam full-time now!
It’s good that you didn’t know, because I’m always here! I’m always back-and-forth. It’s such an easy flight. For me with two kids, it’s nice to be with family. It was better for the kids to be close to family, and I work a lot in Europe. We shot Wonder Woman there! 

How exciting was it to be a part of the Wonder Woman machine?
So exciting! Oh my God! The whole crew was 300 people shooting in Italy, and it was all women. It was tough women! We’d be in the gym working out together and I was one of the least muscular ones. They were full on athletes. My son came to visit the set and when he saw me in costume, it was everything to him. I’m now the coolest mom! 

Were you disappointed in didn’t a best picture nomination?
Yes. I also thought Petty Jenkins deserved more than she got. She had the vision for making the film. When I auditioned, she said that she wanted to show people that women can be strong, caring, loving, and fight. They can do it all. It’s not fighting against men. It’s that we want equality. You left the theatre so happy. I see little boys wearing the Wonder Woman costume. Patty deserved more recognition. 

Doutzen Kroes in Wonder Woman

Do you have any more films coming out?
I don’t! I have something coming out, but I had to sign an NDA. I can’t say what it is! 

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