Devon Windsor Adds Another Category to Her Expanding Empire

by Eddie Roche

Best news of the day is…Devon Windsor Swim is expanding into menswear for Resort 2021! The model turned mogul has introduced a three piece mens collection of two swim shorts and a short sleeve button down shirt.

Why was it time for Windsor to dip her toes into the men’s world? “My husband has always searched for the perfect swimsuit and never could find something he fully loved,” she tells The Daily. “Through the years I felt that men in general have struggled with finding a cool swim trunk, that is both stylish, masculine, comfortable and also affordable. So that is exactly what we created. We also wanted to go a light 100% poly weave button down to compliment the trunks. Something light and breezy, but cool!”

The Johnny Swim Shorts, are a shorter style (3.25”inseam), and the Dexter, a more traditional length (7” inseam), both are available in six colors, including a rich burgundy, deep navy, and two geometric prints. The shorts are meant to paired with the James Shirt, a fresh take on a beach button down.

The line goes for $89-98 for the shorts, and $195 for the shirt. You can check them out today at

“Being a model has always been one of my biggest dreams, and another of my dreams is to build my brand outside of modeling and to be more than just a model and a face,” Windsor told us recently.  “I just didn’t know what direction I wanted to go. As the years passed, I fell in love with swimwear and I thought the market was lacking swimwear that was unique and special—also something that wasn’t going to break your bank, because at the end of the day it’s a swimsuit. It was always something I wanted to do; I just needed to figure out how.”


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