Dishing With Devon! Our Cover Star Devon Windsor On Life As A New Mom & What’s To Come In 2022

by Eddie Roche

Model Devon Windsor is the ultimate multitasker these days, as creative director of her own namesake line and recent first time mother. The longtime DAILY favorite tells us how she’s navigating a booming business and the joys of motherhood.

We haven’t talked to you since you became a mom. Congratulations!
Thank you so much! It’s been a roller coaster of change, but definitely all for the better! We named her Enzo Elodie; I’ve always loved masculine names for girls, and I wanted something strong and unique for her! Elodie is French. [Husband] Johnny [Dex Barbara] and I fell in love in Paris, so it seemed fitting. She’s amazing, sweet, a great sleeper, and has such a big personality already!

Who does she look like?
She looks a lot like her father, with his dark hair and features, but every day I see a little more of me coming through.

How does it feel to be a mother?
It feels amazing! I have wanted to be a mother my whole life. I loved to babysit, play with dolls, and it’s always been a natural instinct for me to take care of people. Enzo has exceeded all my expectations. It truly is magical. There are no words!

You’ve definitely been keeping busy! What’s new with your fashion line?
Busy is an understatement! I’m a busybody, so it’s perfect for me! We had a huge year last year, launching four swim collections, two activewear collections, collaborations with both Alexis and ASH sneakers, children’s, men’s, and sunglasses. Stay tuned for a few new things coming this year!


How would you describe the aesthetic?
We always try to design something for everyone, while keeping our pieces elevated, unique, chic, and comfortable.

What are the most popular pieces?
Swimwear has always been our bread and butter. Our two most popular swim styles are the Eden top and Emma bottom, as well as the Alaia top and Amari bottom. When we immediately sold out of both these bikinis during our Spring 2021 collection launch, we decided to bring them back again in other collections. We’ve had huge success with our swim jacket and skirt set. We revamped this to create the Sasha jacket and Scout skirt, which appear in our Resort 2022 collection. We launched a new category last fall—loungewear! Our sweat suits have done well since the launch, because who doesn’t love a cute and cozy sweat suit?

Will there be more men’s and kid’s pieces to come?
There are always challenges when launching a new category, mainly because you don’t necessarily know what people will gravitate toward. Luckily, my husband and business partner designed the men’s swim, so I have his fashion sense on my side! For kids, we launched a Mommy & Me collab with Alexis Barbara Isaias. It was helpful to dip our toe in that category with Alexis herself, who has designed countless custom pieces for her daughters. Now that I’m a mom, I’m quickly learning what to look for or what I would want my own daughter wearing.



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You’re so driven! What are your goals for the line?
I like to keep busy. My goal is to build out the Devon Windsor brand outside of just swim, resortwear, and athleisure. I hope to expand in many different directions in the future. Whether that be in home, intimates, cosmetics, or more!

Do you have plans for more kids?
Yes! I would love more kids! I don’t think right away, though.

What has kept you sane in the past two years?
Family, friends, exercise, my business, and good food! I feel like if I can keep myself busy and surround myself with people and things that make me happy, then I’m happy! I’ve honestly had two of the best years of my life.

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