Daily Media: WaPo’s New Culture Writer, LIM College Names Next Provost, And More Moves To Peruse!

by Freya Drohan

This week’s Daily Media top hires, departures, promotions, and new representations.

1. Yada Juan is now national culture writer at Washington Post.

2. Scott Carnz is now provost at LIM College.

3. Jen Volk is now vice president of marketing & communications at Tanya Taylor.

4. Kim Carroll is now global communications director at Dunhill.

5. Darroll Jenkins is now senior vice president, merchandise and consumer products at Misfits Gaming Group.

6. Lauren Gassel and Cooper Young are now coordinators at SAVI.

7. Lauren Kasten, account supervisor at Sharp Think, is leaving the company.

8. Nicole Katz is now account coordinator, fashion at SHADOW.


9. Accent PR_ojects is now representing BANJANAN.

10. Krupp Group is now representing Johnny Was.

11. Tractenberg & Co. is now representing Oshin Oil.

12. CLD PR is now representing FAE Swim.

13. Lobeline Communications is now representing Dream Hollywood.

14. K3 Media Collective is now representing DefineMe.

15. ACL&Co is now representing AlphaTauri and Hestra.

16. The Consultancy PR is now representing Lostine, NPage Studio and RTO Lighting.

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