CT Hedden Will See You Now! Indochine’s House Mother On What To Expect From The New Weekly Brunch

by Freya Drohan

New York nightlife might be going through a bit of a funk, but we’ll always have Indochine. It’s no coincidence that the Noho establishment’s name even contains the letters i-c-o-n, because this ’80s-era spot is embedded into the city’s pop culture narrative, having wined and dined everyone from Madonna and Andy Warhol to David Bowie and Thierry Mugler. And now, it’s time to introduce a hotly-anticipated weekly brunch. Front row fixture and life and soul of every party, CT Hedden, is spearheading the new Sunday shindig, so you know a riotous time will be the order of the day. The Daily caught up with the glamazon to get the scoop!

How was your fashion month? What were some highlights?
Wow, where to begin! I feel like I’m still catching my breath. It was a whirlwind—from sitting in Elizabeth Taylor’s town house watching the glamour of Christian Siriano to being under a firehose water fountain in Paris at the Rick Owens show. The month of fash-un did not disappoint! Ooh, and sitting next to Mr Louboutin himself during his show IN the Eiffel Tower was pretty major too!

CT Hedden at
The Loubi Show II at Eiffel Tower During Paris Fashion Week – Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023

So what’s new at Indochine! Why is the time right to start brunch?
Indochine is always bustling with the who’s who of the art and fashion worlds. Now with the pandemic ‘over,’ we are seeing faces from abroad again whom we haven’t seen in the past three years. With the building of our tropical outdoor space, it really gave us that a-ha moment to start brunch.

The menu has been a year in the works….what can you tease?


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Indochine is known for its energy and vibe. For those unfamiliar or from out of town, how do you best sum that up?
Indochine is an enigma; a time warp of classic French Vietnamese cuisine. And it will always be the it spot in NYC if I have anything to say about it.

What’s the right ‘recipe’ for a perfectly Indochine experience, day or night?
It all starts with the prep work for my outfit. I always get excited about what kind of look I will wear each night, depending on my mood, and that sets the tone for a fabulous dining experience.

If you could describe the new brunch in a sentence (like a special, if you will) what would it be?
Bringing downtown nighttime glamour into the light!

You’ve been at the establishment for six years. What are some unforgettable moments?
Oh my, I have so many. From Donatella [Versace] making Indochine her first stop every time she is in the city, to Amanda Lepore playing front desk hostess, and Victoria Beckham having her driver drive up the sidewalk to let her out due to the rain—there truly is never a dull moment at Indochine.

Love! How will you be putting your own stamp on this new brunch endeavor?
Just hearing that term makes me get butterflies in my stomach. I have looked up to the owners Jean-Marc and Huy for so many years, and it’s a privilege to be given this opportunity. For those who have followed my career in nightlife and hospitality…you know what you’re in store for!


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Who are some of your favorite regulars? And who are some unforgettable past VIPs you’ve taken care of?
My fave regulars whom have become my chosen family are Ashley Longshore, Warhol muse Dolly Fox, and Brian Atwood and Dr Jake Deutsch. I would be lost without this lot. But baby, everyone at Indochine is a VIP!

You’re regarded as the Indochine House Mother. What’s your managing/mom-aging style like?
PASSIONATE to say the least, ha!

What’s the best thing about New York nightlife right now?
Anything with Susanne Bartsch attached to it, because I live for glamour, and you can rest assured that if she’s involved, there will be glamour.

What’s the worst thing about New York nightlife right now?
Taking the outrageously priced Ubers all over town!

CT Hedden at Indochine

How will the brunch fill the gap of what’s missing?
Indochine has always been a place for the meeting of creatives over great food and late nights. Now, we are giving the early birds…or the ones still up from last night…a daytime place to come and connect.

What type of people can we expect to be involved executing all the fun?
I am so happy to be partnering with one of my favorite DJs, Amber Valentine. You can except a roster of hosts from nightlife, the art world, celebrities, designers…I mean, c’mon, it’s Indochine!

Lastly… It’s our round! What are you drinking?

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