The Gospel According to CT Hedden

by Eddie Roche

He’s back! CT Hedden has just announced his new role as artistic director of  nightlife lounge Gospel on Lafayette Street. The self-proclaimed “NYC IT Boy” tells The Daily about his plans to get you there! 

How did the new role come about?
My relationship with Gospel has been very organic. I have been a dear friend of owner and partner James Huddleston for years now, being a patron of the space since it opened in 2016. Since then I watched what Gospel has become and the stars aligned on its own. If there’s one thing about me, I am very much into family and that’s exactly what Gospel is, a family.

How will you be incorporating your fashion connections?
Fashion as we all know is my soul. I think I am most excited about what I have in store for countless luxury brands, PR houses, and designers in a new space called “The Loft,” which I intend to heavily activate with private events. Its going to be hand down the hottest room for people to host their events.

CT Hedden, Gospel

CT Hedden

What kind of events do you anticipate having there?
Inclusion in nightlife spaces is important now more than ever. With the world hurting on so many ways, its my job to curate spaces and events where people can express themselves and their art. The programing already is something so unique to the city, and I look forward to making Gospel more into a community. One thing that NYC doesn’t have is a space where you can come mid evening, enjoy a sexy lounge vibe, and then transition into a vibrant late night in the same building. I’m going to create that with activating new rooms not yet revealed.

What’s the space like?
I implore people to come check it out for themselves. Without giving too many secrets way, I will say the space has something for everyone, musically, socially and culturally. For those who like to dance in a crowd with the world’s top producers , to those who want a chic lounge aesthetic, to those who want to connect spiritually and socially we community, Gospel is for you.

Gospel (Courtesy)

Who will you be working for?
I will have the privilege of working for a great group of men who have been figures of the realm of nightlife for quite some time. Brothers James and Mike Huddleston and their partner Juriel Zeligman. With our creative minds combined I am excited, and a bit nervous in all the best ways of what we are going to bring to the community not only here in New York City, but globally.

Are you still tied to Indochine?
Indochine will forever be in my blood, in my soul. I owe my career to Jean Marc and Huy for all they have taught me. That being said yes, you will see me around and who knows what the future might hold. Can you say GOSPEL X INDOCHINE collab? I mean we are neighbors after all, so who knows… Stay tuned!

What else is new with you?
There is so much happening all at once, which always seems to be the case in the fashion and entertainment worlds. I am just settling in from a wild fashion month and now gearing up for my first Barcelona Fashion Week next week to which I am an ambassador. That’s quite exciting. In scarier news, this May I will be celebrating 20 years working in nightlife and doing drag which is coo coo bananas. Bfore I age myself, I started quite young!  Underage at 16! I always knew this industry was for me. I love how fashion, art, and nightlife all intertwine and constantly evolve, just like myself and my drag which lets just say has been a journey!

CT Hedden

CT Hedden

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