Crib Sheet: Your Guide To All The Models Who Have Had Babies Recently

by The Daily Front Row

Gigi! Lindsay! Grace! Is it just us or did a year of lockdown unlock a record number of models giving birth? Meet the next generation of lookers!

Zayn Malik,Gigi Hadid (courtesy)

Name: Khai
Born: September 23, 2020
Model Mom: Gigi Hadid Baby Daddy: Zayn Malik, pop star
What we know: Khai’s face has yet to be shown on social media or in any editorial spreads. We have no doubt every fashion photographer is clamoring for that exclusive. Hadid has given us a peek of Khai’s little toes and killer wardrobe.

Lindsay Ellingson (courtesy)

Name: Carter John
Born: May 15, 2020
Model Mom: Lindsay Ellingson
Baby Daddy: Sean Clayton, medical sales
What we know: This mini version of his model mom is also comfortable in front of the camera and already has two photo shoots on his CV. Does it get any cuter than this guy?

Romee Strijd and Mint, (courtesy)

Name: Mint
Born: December 2020
Model Mom: Romee Strijd
Baby Daddy: Laurens van Leeuwen, model, business consultant, co-founder Party Pants
What we know: Mint isn’t afraid of the camera! Since coming into the world late last year, she’s made 10 appearances (and counting) on Instagram. A social media star is born!

Sean Avery, Hilary Rhoda,Nash Hollis (courtesy)

Name: Nash Hollis
Born: July 28, 2020
Model Mom: Hilary Rhoda
Baby Daddy: Sean Avery, actor, former Vogue intern
What we know: Labor was calm for Rhoda, but Nash had a dramatic birth, spending a few days in the NICU after being born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. All is well now and the family has relocated to Los Angeles.Name: Noah
Born: Early 2021
Model Mom: Grace Elizabeth
Baby Daddy: Nicolas Krause, soccer player
What we know: Noah’s parents kept the pregnancy private to give him the “love and attention he needed to grow without outside eyes or expectations,” Elizabeth told People. The couple continues to keep his face under wraps and have only shared an image of their son’s foot in an Instagram post.

Emily Ratajkowski, Sylvester Apollo Bear (courtesy)

Name: Sylvester Apollo Bear
Born: March 8, 2021
Model Mom: Emily Ratajkowski
Baby Daddy: Sebastian Bear- McClard, actor, producer
What we know: Sly (as EmRata has coined him) has quite an appetite. He’s been seen breastfeeding on Mom’s Instagram feed several times since entering the world. “If it seems I’m always breastfeeding, it’s because I am,” Ratajkowski captioned in April.

Name: Iley Ryn
Born: November 25, 2020
Model Mom: Coco Rocha
Baby Daddy: James Conran, manager, artist
What we know: Iley already has her first magazine cover on the books. She appeared with her mom and adorable siblings on the cover of Hello! Canada in December.

Elsa Hosk, Tuulikki (courtesy)

Name: Tuulikki
Born: February 11, 2020
Model Mom: Elsa Hosk
Baby Daddy: Tom Daly, co-founder and creative director of District Vision
What we know: Tuuli is named after Hosk’s mother and Daly’s grandmother.

Jessica Hart, Baby-Rae, (courtesy)

Name: Baby-Rae
Born: November 17, 2020
Model Mom: Jessica Hart
Baby Daddy: James Kirkham, race car driver
What we know: Hart told The Sunday Telegraph that she was inspired to name her daughter Baby after Jennifer Grey’s Frances “Baby” Houseman in Dirty Dancing. And the “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” jokes begin in 5, 4, 3…!

Karlie Kloss, Levi Joseph (courtesy)

Name: Levi Joseph
Born: March 11, 2021
Model Mom: Karlie Kloss
Baby Daddy: Joshua Kushner, businessman, investor
What we know: Not much! Kloss has been pretty quiet since giving birth. The couple has not shared a photo of their son publicly, with the exception of Levi’s tiny hand in mid-April.

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