Who Knew? The Fashion World Has an Impressive Number of Captain America Fans

by Eddie Roche

This weekend is a bit of a holiday for comic book geeks as Marvel’s Captain America: The Civil War opens in theaters today. It’s already making history as Fandango’s top pre-sale superhero movie of all time. Members of The Cinema Society (and their kids!) got a first look at the film on Wednesday night at the impressive Henry R. Luce Auditorium in the Time Inc. building at Brookfield Place.

To catch you up…The film reunites Captain America (Chris Evans) with his friends Iron Man, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Falcon, Vision, and basically every Marvel superhero you can think of. Nutshell: Things get complicated, the gang fights, things blow up, Evans shows off his biceps, no one complains. The end. Robert Downey Jr. also reminds us he’s the greatest actor we’ve got.

Downey Jr. was in attendance at the screening along with cast members Evans, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany, Chadwick Boseman, Elizabeth Olsen (in Dolce & Gabanna), Paul Rudd, and directors Anthony and Joe Russo. (Captain America fans were in abundance outside of the building waiting to get a glimpse. One fan dusted off his Comic Con look and wore a shield on his back.)

Coming out of the closet as comic book fans at the Audi and Fiji wanter sponsored event were Jennifer Connelly (there to support husband Paul Bettany), Adrien Brody, Christian Slater,  Billy Magnussen, Nigel Barker, Nicole Miller, Martha Hunt, Caroline Lowe, Jasmine Tookes, Johannes Huebl, Jordan Barrett, Alex Lundqvist, Daniel Benedict, Jessica Joffe, Pat and Anna Cleveland, Ellen Von Unwerth, Josh Truesdell, Justin Hopwood, and Cameron Dallas. 

Occupy this rainy weekend with a little Americana.

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