Beauty Made in Italy: Heavenly Scents from the Mediterranean and Beyond

by Tangie Silva

Beauty Made in Italy is here! Yesterday 12 of the country’s most luxurious brands flooded Fashion Week with their exclusive offerings namely at an intimate (socially distanced, of course!) luncheon at Scarpetta. Did you catch all the action on our Instagram and social media channels?

If not, we’ve got you covered. While we introduced some of the elegant skincare and makeup lines and hair care and grooming brands, we have to highlight the fragrance companies that had guests spritzing away. Okay, so one is a toothpaste brand…but it’s intoxicating flavors and minty variety of scents are just as heavenly!

And we’re so obsessed with these Italian imports that we’ll be giving you the full scoop on every single one of them for the rest of the month too. Get ready for a full tutorial on all things Italia!

Silvio Ruocco, CEO & Virginia Ruocco, Brand Manager
What sets your brand apart from other beauty lines?
One of the things that makes Carthusia so special is that all of the fragrances are strictly related to Capri: the environment, plants and flowers of the island. Carthusia is an intrinsic part of the culture of the island.
Are you determined to be based out of Italy?
If you wish to write “Made in Italy” on your product you have to be faithful to that statement!
What is the magic of Capri’s products?
Carthusia fragrances are dedicated to a sophisticated traveler who seeks elegance and tradition in a perfume, who would like to immerse him- or herself in the olfactory heart of the island.

Fabio Murzi, CEO, Founder
Tell us about the company’s origin.
The idea was born one bright May morning, during a day out at sea on our sailing boat, in front of the rock of Paolina. This was the place where, in 1967, one of the most important Roman-era naval relicts was discovered. Within its hold, a refined Chryselephantine statuette was recovered, depicting the ancient Greek gods of Dionysus and Pan. This ivory statuette, today exhibited at the Archaeological Museum in Marciana Alta, was the precious lid of a rare perfume container, once used to seal and protect a refined essence. This was the beginning of the Acqua dell’Elba adventure, an ambitious entrepreneurial project that built a fragrance house on the Elba island, inspired by the Tuscan Renaissance workshop.
Your business model is inspired by Renaissance artisans’ workshops.
It was an inspiring historical period with groundbreaking discoveries, especially in the field of chemistry, with new techniques that improved distillation and the quality of the essences. The Tuscan artisans’ workshops were places where the extraordinary manual abilities of the Maestro and his disciples married with a natural propensity towards beauty, a profound knowledge of the arts and culture, and a strong drive towards excellence. Nowadays, we believe that the same concepts are still valid in order to create beautifully crafted and authentic artifacts, reflecting our natural surroundings, our culture, and our way of life. Every day our artisans craft each product by hand in our factory in Marciana Marina, on the island of Elba. We concentrate on a limited production due to the difficulty of sourcing and selecting raw materials, as well as because of the necessary time involved in our production processes.

Francesca Galassi, Global Marketing
What was the inspiration behind the unique flavors?
The inspiration is in the selection of the perfect ingredients that guarantee the union of two sensations: delight and long-lasting freshness. Every Marvis flavor starts with in-depth research on the best mix between the various ingredients, ensuring a base of long-lasting freshness with which the unexpected essences partner. Each flavor has some reference to Italian tradition,  like the Amarelli Licorice flavor created in partnership with Calabrian licorice maker since 1731.
You also have a mouthwash. Any plans to expand?
The mouthwash is the ideal complement to the Marvis oral care experience. Our philosophy is to make the daily routine of oral care enjoyable with excellent products in terms of quality, design, and taste. We are working on several projects that reflect this mantra of ours.

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