Beauty Made in Italy: Divine Hair Care & Grooming Lines Perfect for Fall

by Tangie Silva

Beauty Made in Italy is here! Today12 of the country’s most luxurious brands are flooding Fashion Week with their exclusive offerings namely at an intimate (socially distanced, of course!) luncheon at Scarpetta. So make sure you’re tuning in to our @DailyFrontRow Instagram account and other social channels for live coverage of the event!

While we introduced some of the elegant skincare and makeup lines yesterday, here’s a few hair care brands (this includes shaving and grooming gentlemen!) that will have your Fall strands looking perfectly coiffed. And check back here tomorrow for a look at Italian fragrance brands we know you’ll love.

Jonathan Morello, CEO, President and Founder of BSC, Inc.
In 1969 you created the first flat iron. What are you launching now?
We are working on new ultralight and performant motors, further developing the iQ hairdryer line and a new line of premium professional straighteners.
Tell us about the technology behind it.
iQ Perfetto is the lightest and most well-performing smart hair dryer in the world. It’s equipped with an intelligent digitalized brushless motor that increases performance by reducing drying time by 30% without using extra power. Furthermore, the iQ Perfetto is equipped with technology that makes it ultra durable compared to its competitors. This is enhanced via the combined action of a hi-tech self-diagnosis system which identifies and solves any operational problems and paired up with a one of a kind auto-clean technology which deep cleans the filter by rotating the motor turbine in the opposite direction. It also comes with an innovative micro-filter that captures even the tiniest particles of dirt from the air while protecting the engine and other components of the dryer and the scalp and hair.

Margery Kessler, Sr. Marketing Manager Bioforce USA
How was the company originally established?
Herbatint was fashioned from the founder, Michele Albergo’s desire to craft a hair color product that worked well but that left the hair strong and healthy. In the world of chemically-laden hair color only aimed at product performance, Michele strode to do the unthinkable. So in 1970, he created a totally innovative formula: a permanent hair color without ammonia, a first in the hair coloring world that also contained herbal extracts and had a very low percentage of hydrogen peroxide.
Why the attraction to herbology?
Michele was strongly influenced by a Swiss herbalist with whom he had an apprenticeship. He applied this knowledge of herbs, which had been passed down from generation to generation, to his formulation for Herbatint.

Stefano D’Andrea, Brand Manager
Why do you think the brand’s formulas have stood the test of time?
The guiding principle always remains the one indicated by Piero Martelli and then by his son Ludovico: to create quality products that make shaving enjoyable and flawless, in the barbershop and at home. We develop our formulas in collaboration with the Italian barbers, thanks to our relationship that we have built over all these years. Then, our R&D department works every day to improve our formulas and to guarantee the best performance standard.
And it’s still a family run business too.
Proraso is still a family business and this is the fourth generation of the Martelli family in the company. The continuous presence of the family in the company ensures a long-term vision and a bond between the brand and its consumer that is hard to find anywhere else. Plus, the Martellis love what they do!

Mayte Landeros, Vice President of US operations
What do you think Italian beauty brands offer that no one else can?
I think it’s the culture that makes Italian brands so exceptional. In Italy, when developing an idea, the first ingredient is absolute love. From there, the creation process is filled with passion, dedication, and joy. The result of this process is something elegant and refined with the utmost quality.  When talking specifically about Italian beauty brands, it is the above combined with the love of nature, the knowledge of its gifts passed between generations, and the use of Old World craftsmanship that makes them unlike any other beauty brand in the world.
What’s next for the company?
Acca Kappa has always been driven by creativity, quality, and innovation with a deep appreciation and respect for the environment. Most of all, we are always seeking new ways to bring our products closer to nature. Currently, we are in the final stages of launching our new “Bio” line, a 100% biodegradable collection of hair and bath essentials that is as gentle on the body as on the environment.

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