Beauty Made in Italy: The Top Skin Care & Makeup Brands You Need to Know Right Now!

by Tangie Silva

Beauty Made in Italy is here! Tomorrow 12 of the country’s most luxurious brands will be flooding Fashion Week with their exclusive offerings so we’re offering you up a sneak peak at these brands. First up, skin care lines that you absolutely must add to your daily regime. And check back here tomorrow to see Beauty Made in Italy’s first ever digital magazine and follow us on Instagram for posts from their chic brand preview luncheon at Scarpetta.

Antonio Pavan, Founder of Brand to Markets and Exclusive distributor OF SV
Tell us about the Marseilles method for the saponification of oils.
The original Marseilles process to make the soaps would use Mediterranean Sea water with olive oil and plant extracts together in a large cauldron and heated for 10 days at 100 °C. This mixture is then stirred constantly for several days and left to settle until it becomes solid. The paste is then triple milled in steel drums to remove moisture and poured into a mold and left to set for up to a month to further dry out.
How was the company originally established?
During War World II, even the basic products like a soap were very hard to find. Bardelli Dante, the founder of Saponificio Varesino, while on the front line mastered the way to make soaps from the available natural ingredients for all his brothers in Arms. Upon his return from service, in 1945, he decided to study the chemical principles that govern saponification and together with his wife he began to produce soaps in the traditional way.
Why do you think it’s lasted so long and stayed in the family?
The company strongly believes in family values and for that reason all three generations are still involved in the business. For the founders it is still crucial that the message of artisanship and family go hand in hand and they believe this is the reason why they have been so successful.
Gabriel Balestra, Founder
Tell us how you got into the beauty business.
My origins are not from the beauty business but I have always felt close to the category because I grew up around plants, flowers, and roots that would ultimately make it into a beauty product.
What’s your process for selecting the right ingredient?
Using the right ingredients in our foods or our beauty routine is what I call “true luxury” today. Most are grown in  greenhouses and farmed to grow as quickly as possible. I wanted to create a line that was naturally sustainable and also respectful of Nature and her time. We pick ingredients right [in Italy] where they have grown for thousands of years. There’s a season for everything. We follow that process to a “t”, which means the ingredients we grow are completely GMO free and they aren’t fertilized to grow faster in any way. This forces you to operate a little differently as you might have seasons that are really rich and others that aren’t as prominent.
Elisa Giraudi, CEO
The formulas have been used for generations, why do you think that is?
Our dedicated team of chemists, pharmacists, scientists and agricultural specialists are committed to developing the best conceivable skincare products, and the most powerful natural products that science can deliver. At Perlier, we commit our time and dedication into our production process to ensure each and every one of our products embodies Perlier’s mission.
Are you determined to continue being based out of Italy?
La Carignana is the company’s own Biological Research Center, located in the outskirts of Turin and the home to Perlier’s 150 acres of pesticide and insecticide free land, where Perlier cultivates its ingredients from fresh flowers, healthy plants, and honey. La Carignana is an endless source of inspiration for us, is full of culture, history, nature and represents an invaluable asset for our company.
Pietro Simone, CEO & Founder
Tell us about the company’s origin.
Pietro Simone skincare was born in 2010 following dedicated research for the needs to create proprietary skincare formulations and body protocols. The objective was to discover and offer products which would intensively reach and work the epidermis whilst treating a variety of aging causes. Since 2010, the evolution of the brand, the outstanding process of increased knowledge and growth, have not ceased and has been truly wonderful.
What is the company’s overall philosophy?
The past is always a great source of wisdom and tradition. I truly believe in it. My grandma gave me so much to think about and in some way modernize without changing the core to deliver exact results. The present and the future has allowed me to have the latest technologies and ingredients to achieve outstanding results. My overall philosophy is to deliver results on a multi- level, not only in what we call beauty but also true satisfaction.
What do you think Italian beauty brands offer that are unlike any other?
Passion, dedication in our Italian way and clearly an incredible source of active ingredients.
Dr. Luca Piombino M.D., Board Certified Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, Ripar CEO / President
Tell us how the company was established.
My mother and father started the company over 40 years ago as a result of their work in the areas of advanced surgical and cosmetic aesthetic treatments for the skin. They found that their patients could benefit from a foundation that could effectively cover bruises, scarring and redness after procedures so they created one. That led to even more innovation, including a patent for our foundation formulation, and a full line of makeup and skincare products that would perform well with some of the most unique skin concerns but, also safe for sensitive and vulnerable skin as well.
What’s the company’s philosophy?
It has always been to take a multi-dimensional view to creating our products. We combine university-backed scientific research and nutritional study with our daily work with aesthetic customers at our spa facility in Campania and surgical patients to create products that are practical for users but, also highly effective. We believe strongly in combining the theoretical knowledge with the realities our users face.

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