10 Chic Additions For Your Workout Wardrobe

by Nandini Vaid
Workout Wardrobe

Updating your workout apparel could just be the perfect motivation to join that virtual gym class you’ve been procrastinating. We put together a list of stylish must-haves to add to your workout gear and get you moving.

1. All Day Alba Althea Leggings, Price: $124.60

All Day Alba Althea Leggings

2. Daniel Patrick Sports Bra, Price: $47.50

Daniel Patrick

3. Proud Zipper Pullover, Price: $68

Proud Zipper Pullover

4. Proud Split Back Tank, Price: $44

Proud Split Back Tank

5. Proud Ballerina Leggings, Price: $68


6. Ultracor Tokyo Skyline Leggings, Price: $188

Ultracor Leggings

7. Ultracor Pearls Leggings and Sports Bra, Price: $198 (leggings), $130 (sports bra)

8. Golden Goose Nori Leggings, Price: $345

Golden Goose

9. Golden Goose Nori Leopard Leggings and Black Keshiki Top, Price: $435 (leggings), $225 (top)

10. Marcelo Burlon County of Milan – County Seamless Crop Top, Price: $125

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