Ultracor’s New Hypersonic Legging Helps Burn More Calories

by The Daily Front Row

What do women really look for in their athletic wear? Honestly, most of us—especially those who have a proclivity for fashion—care as much about the performance of our activewear, as we do the aesthetics of it. In stereotypical form, we want it all. Luckily one company gets that. Ultracor, a high-end and high-performance athletic apparel line for men and women, has been equally focused on these two factors since its inception. Created out of a market gap in 2015, for truly luxurious yet simultaneously performance-driven and sustainable workout items for the health-conscious fashionista, the company has repeatedly challenged itself to do more. From their viral Knockout Legging to launching a luxe men’s line, Ultracor is always raising the bar in both quality and style, with their newest addition being no different. The revolutionary Hypersonic Legging helps you burn more calories…seriously.

 Thanks to unique patented technology, which was inspired by co-founder Michael Ball’s many years in the sport of professional cycling, the legging does in fact optimize the wearer’s workout. Taking cue from compression shorts in professional cycling, which are strategically paneled to compress certain areas, the secret to Ultracor’s Hypersonic line is that it has equal compression and release throughout. This revolutionary combo allows the wearer to perform at a higher level, leading to burning more calories than without these game-changing technology. The technology also helps prevent muscle strain and muscle pulls by keeping them activated with compression and release, while also speeding up recovery time. So, whether you prefer yoga and Pilates, or running and CrossFit, the Hypersonic Legging will take your workout to the next level. Anything that helps with the quality and results of physical activity is always welcome in our book.

In typical Ultracor form, style was not spared at the expense of function. In fact, the design pays homage to the company’s iconic logo—perhaps a foreshadowing of the popularity the legging will garner from the brand’s cult-following of celebrities, athletes, and fashion leaders. To get your own “it” performance legging before all your fitness friends—like the trendsetter you are—head to Ultracor.com and pre-order before the official launch on November 10th.

Written by: Alexandra Sharova
Presented by: T1

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