Your Professional Guide for Investing in the Best Unisex Perfume

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The beauty and fashion sectors have long been heavily influenced by gender neutrality, with women’s and men’s styles sometimes crossing over effortlessly. However, the perfume sector took some time to catch up. For some time, floral scents were preserved for women, while woody scents were meant for men.
With younger generations exploring new ways of expression and identification, perfume brands have now embraced gender fluidity. This is supported by 40% of respondents in a Pew Research study who felt that the U.S should offer an option for those who do not identify as male or female. To satisfy those who do not wish to be categorized as exclusively female or male and anyone looking to experiment, perfume manufacturers have now introduced unisex perfume collections.
Like most people used to gender-specific scents, you might be in the dark on what to expect and how to shop for unisex perfumes. Here are tidbits that will guide you on your next shopping spree.

What Defines Unisex Perfumes?
Simplicity is among the key elements that define unisex perfumes. This means that the scents do not conform to the stereotypical overwhelming male wooden and female floral scents. Instead, unisex fragrances aim to balance masculine and feminine scents. They shatter conventional norms and dare to feature fresh, crisp, clean notes that highlight individualism instead of mass appeal. This is crucial because people nowadays wish to express their personalities through their choice of fragrance. Moreover, unisex fragrances can often be worn through all seasons without going out of style, unlike conventional mass perfumes.

Which Unisex Fragrances Are The Most Popular?
Creators of custom scents rely on extensive research to ensure they meet market needs. When evaluating perfumes, consider the top, base and mid notes. Top notes are the initial ones you smell when you open your bottle and spray the perfume. Middle notes take some time to evaporate and are the defining notes of your scent. The base notes will fade slowly and make your fragrance last for some time. Leading companies have identified the following as the most popular unisex scents.

  1. Ambery saffron
    The scorching heat of saffron means that a bottle of ambery saffron opens with a bang. Most people avoid saffron in their perfumes because of this intensity. Thankfully, in ambery saffron perfumes, the saffron is balanced with amber and cedarwood scents. The perfume’s top notes are orange blossom and saffron, while the mid notes are cedarwood, plum and jasmine. The base notes of the ambery saffron scent are amber, fir balsam and oakmoss.
  1. Musky gaiac
    This is your top choice if you are looking for a smoky, dry smell with leathery tones in your perfume. Gaiac is a dense wood not often used in perfumes, so you are guaranteed to stand out. The fragrance has a natural smoky effect from its incense, while cedarwood lends it a woody dryness. The scent wraps up with modern musks that convey a harmonious balance and smooth comfort. The top note of musky gaiac is olibanum incense, the mid notes are cedarwood and gaiac wood, while the base note is musk.
  1. Powdery coconut
    The coconut in this fragrance lends it a summer character that is paired with a floral scent perfect for the season. Pistachio, coconut, cardamom and bergamot are the top notes of powdery coconut. The mid notes in powdery coconut perfume are tuberose, jasmine and Ylang Ylang. Ylang Ylang is an exotic flower featuring sweet, slightly fruity and spicy facets. The scent’s base notes are benzoin, cedarwood and amber.
  1. Fruity honey
    This scent combines the notes of ripe blackcurrant with juicy nectarine to deliver a traditionally fruity fragrance with a crisp edge. Fruity honey is your ideal pick for a joyful, fizzy and natural perfume guaranteed to introduce good vibes to your dull days. Its top notes are green leaves and blackcurrant, whereas the mid notes are nectarine and honey. The base notes are vetiver and peach.
  1. Woody tobacco
    This combines tobacco leaves and blond wood. Pink pepper and lemon sparkle the combination while rum accord and dry fruits color it so that woody tobacco perfume does not smell too masculine. Most people associate the scent with the exciting atmosphere that makes up Brooklyn music clubs. Neroli, lemon and pink pepper make the top notes of woody tobacco. The mid notes comprise dry fruits, blond wood and rum. The base notes are vanilla, tobacco leaves and styrax.

The first sense a baby will develop is smell. This underscores the need to smell good when you want to make an impression. The guide above is sure to ease your shopping for unisex perfumes that ensure you do not smell like everyone else you come across. Consider borrowing your favorite notes from unisex scents. You can then incorporate these notes into your home using reed diffusers to transform your space.

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