In Conversation with Billy Arora, Canada’s Breakout Fashion Model

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As such, making it big as a model in the modern age requires not just eye-catching features, but a unique je ne sais quoi to truly make an impact. For Billy Arora, the Canadian native with Indian and Norwegian roots, the leggy stunner’s piercing green eyes and mysterious aura have rocketed the 5’10” model to international prominence, shooting for blue-chip publications like Vogue, Grazia and L’Officiel as well as aspirational luxury brands like Hermès and Yves Saint Laurent. Beyond her illustrious modeling career – Arora boasts international representation from top agencies like ELITE, Ford, and IMG – Arora has likewise gained recognition for her expertise and education in herbalism and nutrition, proving her unmistakable beauty to be matched with an even more active brain. We sat down with the Canadian modeling sensation to learn more about her professional journey and how Arora came into her own as a multi-dimensional woman in the fashion industry.

Q: Modeling is one of those rare trades where everyone’s story on how they got started is one of a kind. How did you first get into the modeling world?
One might say I was actually born into the modeling world; my mother was a model and was still very much in the industry when I was growing up. I did model as a child, but I also pursued a career as an equestrian for twelve years. When I was around 19, I decided to give it everything I had and pursue modeling as a full-time career. I already had a lot of offers from agencies, just from my mom dragging me around to castings and agencies with her, so everything kind of fell into place for me. I will say, though – it was a rockier start for me and I definitely wasn’t an overnight success, but perhaps it’s all been more meaningful that way though, for me at least.

Q: And success has certainly come your way. What are your biggest and proudest accomplishments throughout your career so far?
This is hard, because I feel like there is so much I have yet to accomplish. If I was to boil it all down to one biggest accomplishment in modeling, it would probably be the Hermès Scarf campaign special for Vogue Arabia that came out in 2020. Since I’ve been an equestrian for the majority of my life, and Hermès has deep roots in that world, it was super special for me when the two came together. Apart from this – and maybe the less popular answer – would be that aside from the work, my modeling career has taken me around the world and I have experienced some of the most magical moments because of that. Like anything, there are downfalls, but if you can sometimes detach yourself from the false realities of this world, there are a lot more special experiences hidden in between those moments than you think.

Q: Outside of your modeling portfolio, you’ve made a big impact on social media. With nearly half a million followers on Instagram, how do you choose what to share with your audience and how much attention to give the platform?
I didn’t take much interest in social media years ago, but I also think that I didn’t understand the importance of it as much as I do now. As much as I would like to hate on Instagram and say people are wasting their precious lives scrolling aimlessly, it has been something that has truly changed my life in a lot of ways. Of course, being in the position I am in and being a model, social media helps in that aspect incredibly. Other than that, some of the most special people in my life have been random connections from the odd direct message I chose to open. Social media has its time and place, it can help people create a life that may have not been feasible in the past.  With that being said, I do think everyone does not remind themselves how much of a true highlight reel it is. I am guilty of it, and I don’t know one person who isn’t; I think the more we remind ourselves of that, the more we can welcome mental freedom.

Q: You’ve used your platform to be a major advocate for environmental health. What can you share about your passion for the subject?
I think this is one thing only people really close to me know. Some might think I am absolutely insane, but I truly don’t think environmental health is something that is spoken about enough on a large scale. I can get very nerdy about this, but most humans simply do not understand how much their environment is affecting their health. I am not even talking about diet – I am talking about what you put on your body, what you are washing your clothes with, the bedding you’re sleeping in, from the fragrance you put on your body to the products used to gas new furniture.  For instance, fragrance, everyone loves perfume – I certainly do! Who doesn’t wanna smell nice? But the amount of cancer causing-chemicals in fragrance is absurd, especially for females, as it’s an endocrine disrupter and can create havoc in the body. The smallest change can have a lingering impact. I may not become the face of a fragrance campaign after sharing this perspective, but I can’t win them all!

Q: What is the best advice you would give to someone looking to break out into the modeling world, or just make a change for themselves in general?
I’ve said this a lot, but in terms of the fashion world, no one truly cares about you as much as they care about themselves. If you think of it from that perspective, as harsh and mean as people can be, there is a beauty in letting things pass through you. It’s hard, very hard, because it’s human nature to have an egotistical side that does not want to hear rejections and have our biggest insecurities brought up because someone deems us as “not good enough”. I think that just understanding and being aware of that opens us up to personal freedom, which at the end of the day is what every human craves.

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