Who Is Tyrone Susman? Meet Rick Owen’s Muse & Design Collaborator

by Freya Drohan

No one, and we mean no one, has a more look-at-me closet that Tyrone Susman; Rick Owens’ go-to model, muse, and design collaborator. Case in point: the statuesque Aussie has the sequin jumpsuits, yellow python pants, and skintight leather ready to go for just about every situation life could throw at him.

The Melbourne-native opened the doors of his Parisian apartment to Dazed for an installment of their Off The Rails series, in which he showcases everything he’d wear from a first date scenario to a potential alien invasion.

Beyond his influential position in Owens’ tight knit design fold, 33-year-old Susman, who appears to stand at a towering 7-foot tall, is also an in-house fit model. Since the Spring Summer 2020 show, he has opened every runway collection. He’s also instrumental in styling the looks, and according to Harper’s Bazaar Australia, one of this first projects at the label was introducing a more accessibly priced jewelry line (peep his own impressive repertoire of rings in the vid below!).

And listen, we know what you’re going to ask us, so in the name of good journalism we did some sleuthing. Turns out Susman’s other half is Annie Doble. The Brit is the creative force and stylish presence behind buzzy vintage and contemporary boutique Annie’s Ibiza, which counts Kate Moss among its regulars. The more you know, eh?

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