Victoria Beckham Covers Allure, Cast Your Vote For Model Of The Year

by Freya Drohan

Victoria Beckham rounds out the year with an Allure cover

Pop culture icon Victoria Beckham is Allure’s latest cover star. The pop star turned fashion and beauty mogul (and the WAG who gave an identity to the term to begin with) opens up in a rare interview about being bullied as a child, where her work ethic comes from, and how she’s instilled kindness into her four kids. “I’ve never really told my story about being the underdog at school. I was bullied — a lot,” she tells writer Danielle Pergament. “I never fitted in socially. And when anybody is different, kids can be really mean. I remember being mentally bullied, physically bullied, literally pushed around. My entire school life was a misery, an absolute misery. Kids can be bloody horrible. I would never, ever allow my children to treat anybody like that. I know everybody thinks their kids are angels, but my kids are genuinely very kind. That’s the most important thing, isn’t it?” Beckham also talks about how she turned her fate around by working extra, extra hard. “I’ve always had to work really hard. At school, I had to work really hard to get less-than-average grades. When I was dancing and singing, I had to work really hard to be good, but was never good enough. I was an alright dancer. I was an alright singer. People were very quick to say, ‘You can’t sing.’ I can joke about it better than anybody. I’ll take the mickey out of myself. I mean, obviously, I could sing a little. But I always had to work very hard just to be okay at anything. That’s why the Spice Girls worked: Individually we were underdogs, but collectively we worked.”  See the full feature, styled by Jeanie Annan-Lewin and photographed by Sølve Sundsbø, here.

Voting is open for model of the year

And the nominees are….. has announced the names who are in the running for its annual Model of the Year Awards. The various categories include the top accolade, Model of the Year, as well as Breakout Star, Male, and Social Movers. Over 400 industry members, including photographers, editors, stylists, beauty creatives, casting directors, come together for the digital event to cast their votes, including the public. The deadline to vote is tomorrow, Friday, December 15, so make sure you have your say, right here. The winners will be announced on Monday—in the meantime, recap last year’s honorees here.

Last year’s honorees included Linda Evangelista, Alton Mason, and Bella Hadid

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