Miami Bound! Tom and Gisele Move To “Billionaire’s Bunker”—Right Next To Ivanka And Jared!

by Julia Oakes

NFL star Tom Brady and model Gisele Bündchen are moving to Miami─in the lot right next to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s.  Their new $17 million property sits pretty on Miami’s Indian Creek Island, also commonly referred to as “billionaire’s bunker,” and for good reason. Situated on a 300-acre island, which only offers an exclusive 41 homes and a population of under 100, Indian Creek village is a spot for A-listers and celebrities alike, not to mention one of the wealthiest locales on the planet. 

With Ivanka and Jared’s $31 million property right next door, as well as a running list of other celebrities down the street (like supermodel Adriana Lima and businessman Carl Icahn), it’s no secret that this Miami neighborhood is a retreat for the 1%.


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With plans to bulldoze the current home on the lot, Brady and Bündchen intend on building their dream house, which will undoubtedly mirror the environmentally-conscious design of each of their other residences (see: their former Los Angeles retreat and their Brookline mansion). Considering their distinguishable emphasis on exquisite yet domestically simplistic design, we’re positive the Miami pad will be yet another one of their blissful sanctuaries. 

The couple’s Miami lot also includes a dock extending into the waters of Biscayne Bay─ likely where they’ll keep their 40-foot super yacht! It also includes private security that keeps watch on the already private enclave: 13 full-time police and marine guards to be exact.

There’s no question that Miami’s luxury real estate market has been in high demand recently, with major businesses like Goldman Sachs and celebrities from all over looking for a spot in the Florida region. Brady and Bündchen are simply following suit─and in swank, eco-friendly fashion at that. 

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