Keeping Up With Kate! Get To Know Our December Cover Star, Kate Love

by Freya Drohan

While she was a mere baby herself when she got her modeling break at the tender age of 12, the radiant Kate Love is settling into life as a first-time mom having welcomed her little girl last spring. Along with her NBA superstar other half Kevin Love, she’s been leaning into this joyful chapter, settling into their new Miami surroundings and defining her next act, aptly named Love Kate. Here’s what’s ahead for the Loves.

If you could choose a word to describe 2023, what would it be?
I think for me and our family, it’s been “change.” We moved cities and had a baby! How is your pup, Vestry, taking to being a  big sister? She’s a queen! In the beginning, she was a bit suspicious as to what the purpose of this new infant was. [Laughs] But she loves Florida, she loves sunbathing, and now with the baby she checks on her and brings her teddies.

What’s your journey as a first-time mom been like so far?
Everything changes. I had the baby during the finals of the NBA playoffs, which was eventful! We moved to the Hamptons and had a nice baby bubble initially, which was amazing. Then we were in the city for Fashion Week, and now we’re back in Florida. We’ve moved around a bit, but she’s been so adaptable. She’s pretty relaxed, considering the chaos she was born into, but she’s great and so much fun. She changes every day, but her little personality is developing

Where do you fall in your family? Are you used to having kids around?
Kevin and I are both middle children, and both of our brothers have kids but they live in different places. A lot of my girlfriends—models and friends from home— have been great to call for advice about these weird new changes. Thank God for FaceTime! Have any of your industry peers in particular been helpful to turn to? Emily DiDonato has been one of my closest friends since we started modeling. We had our babies about five weeks apart! We’re in communication every day, and it’s so nice to have a friend like that.

She just launched a podcast about life and career advice, right?
Yes, and I’m a guest on it!

Talk to us about your holiday plans, your first as a young family!
We’re based in Miami for most of the year. Our life is totally catered to basketball, but I got lucky this year. Miami Heat play the Knicks and the Nets just after Thanksgiving, so we get to be in New York for the holiday. Then it’s our first tropical Christmas; I’m still picturing what it’s going to be like seeing palm trees in December.

Do you have new traditions you’re looking forward to implementing?
Yeah, the baby’s so little so we’re figuring it out. I’m buying some books that we can have to read to her the night before Christmas. Miami Heat are playing a game this year on Christmas Day, so that’s something to look forward to.

Games on Christmas Day? Who knew!
It’s a big NBA thing; it’s always a big event! It’s also great that Kevin is home. If it was an away game, he would be gone for Christmas. It’s nice you can be in NYC for Thanksgiving, and Miami for some sun at Christmas. I love it. I’ve been decorating to make both homes feel cozy and festive. It’s really the dream that we were always hoping to have one day.

Anything on your wish list this season?
I’ve been so inspired by Khaite. Everything is so beautiful. And I always love Saint Laurent.

Are you a good gift giver?
I’m usually really good. I’m always excited to get gifts for people, but Kevin doesn’t really like receiving gifts, which is a funny trait! I usually try to style my family and get them something fashion-forward. I get matching pajamas for my sister and I, too; that’s our tradition.

Styling the baby must be a lot of fun!
It’s the most fun ever; girls’ clothes are so cute.

Let’s give our readers a refresh! You grew up in Canada. Did you always want to be a model?
I grew up in the suburbs of Vancouver. I was always tall and skinny, a head above the rest of my class, but I don’t think I even knew about modeling. I was discovered, as they say, at 12, so I was pretty young. The very next week, I was shooting for Abercrombie Kids. I loved it and thought it was so much fun. Then it just kept building and building.

When did you move abroad?
I went to Paris out of high school. My agents there took me under their wing and I lived in a model apartment. I met everyone, built my book, and wherever I’d get a job, I’d go and stay there and live out of suitcases for months—Milan, London, Tokyo. I was in Paris for a long time, so I was lucky that I had gone to a French school in Canada, so I could communicate. When I moved to New York City, it was great to be so much closer to my family.

It must be nice to be in a new calmer chapter after living out of luggage for years.
People always say to us, between the NBA and my work, would we even be comfortable not in chaos!? But if we’re together and can make a home out of it, we’re good.

Giving birth aside, what’s been a professional highlight of your year?
I feel like I was kind of out of it! I didn’t reveal [my pregnancy] to the world for a long time as I didn’t feel great. But I’ve been working on Love Kate, figuring out the collaborations and partnerships side.

Tell us more about Love Kate.
It’s something I started a while ago. I was trying to figure out how to work with different brands that fall under the umbrella of health, wellness, fitness, home décor, and clean beauty, but in a more meaningful way—not just a shoot that’s over in one day. It’s identifying ways to work with companies I’m passionate about, whether it’s investing, partnering, or being involved in creative direction. It’s kind of like a brand incubator, but it’ll depend on the project.

Sounds fun! What do you hope for more of in 2024?
I think at this point it’s trying to figure out where I can find the best balance. I want to be a present mom, but also be inspired by work, be creatively fulfilled, and working toward developing my own brand. I have a few different directions that [Love Kate] is going in. My hands are in a few pots!

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