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by Freya Drohan

Mango girls, assemble! As the European retailer gains increasing momentum in the US, it’s unveiled the latest feather in its cap: a holiday season collaboration with Miami-based model and newly-minted #MangoGirl, Jen Ceballos. The Colombian content creator likely needs no introduction to those with sleek, minimalist-leaning fashion tendencies, as her popular Instagram account has long been a go-to moodboard for many. Now, Mango shoppers across the globe can emulate her effortlessly cool vibe, thanks to a 60-piece collection of slinky and sultry slip dresses, motocross jackets and classic coats, rhinestone sets, statement suiting, and accessories, all inspired by nightlife of the aughts. Available now, we called her up to get the 411 on the line and to hear where it all began…

Tell us about your handle, Endlessly Love Club, and what’s the meaning behind it?
It came out of nowhere, really. I was just in bed when I thought of it. I’m always thinking so much at night, I don’t really sleep! I was thinking I wanted to create an Instagram with inspiration photos and things that make me happy, so that’s what I started doing and the name just clicked in the moment.

Did your account take off quite quickly?
That was about six years ago. It took about.a year. I started with posting random photos, and about six months into it, I started posting photos of myself but then I took a break from social media until I was ready again.  So I guess, slowly it took off.

What’s your backstory—where did you begin your career, were you always in fashion and modeling?
I was working in retail, at a store called LF Store. I used to work there for about four years. It’s actually where I learned social media, as we were posting and taking photos of what was in the store.

It must feel pretty surreal now to walk into a retail store and see your collection! Is this the first time you’ve had an activation for a collaboration in a store?
This is the first time! It feels almost like I dreamed about it. I always say, when you imagine things in your head and almost already think these things are happening, -it’s like you’ve lived it before. I knew it would happen because I wanted it to, but I still can’t believe it!

Are you really big into manifesting?
Yeah, I’m a very spiritual person for sure.

Let’s talk about the collection. How did it come about?
I’m so happy and so grateful that they picked me. They sent me an email back in March. My agent and I were screaming we were so happy. I went to Barcelona three times this year. The team also came to Miami for some fittings. We started by going through moodboards and images of things that I felt inspired by and had two Zooms. We then met in Spain, looked at a bunch of different looks and materials, and put things together on a model. We were playing around, taking photos of what we thought would look cool. At the second fitting, in Miami, the model tried everything on and we changed a few things. That night, the whole team had dinner which was so fun. We met again in Barcelona and everything looked amazing. That’s where we did the [campaign] shoot too.

There’s a lot of references to early 2000s minimalism. What kind of images were you looking at?
I was on Pinterest a lot. 
When I shop, I shop for something that I’m not going to get tired of quickly. I don’t want to put on something and feel like I’m over it because I already wore it. I was looking for things that were timeless, so I found so many good inspiration photos from the 2000s, from the runways, but also from recent years too. I love pieces that are simple, but have something special about them. I think the collection has that. These are pieces I’ll have forever, I’ll never get tired of them.

The quality is really good too. What are your standouts?
Thank you. That was so important to us. I also wanted things that make me feel calm and felt great on the skin. If it’s not comfortable, or if it’s itchy, I won’t wear it. I love the sequin dress, the one with the flowers. I think it’s so cool and it’s different from things that I’ve seen. That’s very special to me. The slip dresses are also probably my favorites. They can be worn in so many different ways; not only to a party. You can wear it with cute socks and loafers an a beautiful coat. Oh, the cashmere coat too. It’s so beautiful and fits so nice. And the brown leather jacket—it’s so iconic for me. I love the big shoulder. I’m petite so I love something that makes me look taller and I feel like [oversized] shoulders do that for me.

How do you describe your style?
I think I’m minimal, cool, and classic. I do like to throw some sexiness in there too. It’s a little bit of everything.
I’m very emotional and very in tune with my feelings, so it really depends on how I’m feeling.

Do you think your Colombian background influences your style in any way?
Not really. I spent two years in Connecticut for high school, that’s where I learned English, and I was born in New York. Even though I was in Colombia for most of may life, I was always inspired by American pop culture. When I moved here, I think that’s when my fashion started to grow. But I was always into fashion growing up, even Colombian fashion.

Tell us more about moving to Miami and how that changed your fashion sense.
I think it was when I was working in retail. That’s when fashion started to make more sense to me. We had vintage pieces at the store too. I loved designers, but I wasn’t really there yet because I couldn’t afford them. When I started traveling, that opened my eyes up more and I realized there was so much [out there].

What’s your earliest memory of shopping at Mango?
There was a store in Colombia and my mom would take me there to buy me my Christmas presents! I’m a big online shopper, so I usually shop for Mango online [these days].

What has the feedback and response to the collection been like?
I honestly haven’t gotten any bad feedback, I’m so happy! I keep getting messages about the quality and how much people love it. I’ve been even hearing from influencers and people in fashion that I have a relationship with who are telling me it’s amazing.

There’s obviously lots of partywear—what does a good night out look like to you?
Lately I’ve been going out less than I used to—part of it is growing up and not enjoying to drink so much! I still love to go out and have a nice glass of wine and some pasta with friends or my boyfriend; people i feel comfortable with. Last time I went to a party was probably during fashion month! I’m excited for the collection launch. If I have a party like that once every three months, I’m happy!

We need some Miami recs! Any suggestions?
I think my favorite is so basic, but Casa Tua is so good! The food is delicious. I love going there for a fancy feeling—get dressed up and look cute. I think The Edition has amazing masseurs if you want a massage, and The Standard has an amazing spa too. I haven’t been to any vintage stores, so I need to find out some good ones for you. The beach, obviously, is a must. Just walking around and seeing the architecture too; it’s like you’re going back in time.

What will the holiday season look like for you? And end of year plans?
I hope it’s just going to be cozy. I’m hoping that it gets a little cold! That way I can wear my coat from the collection. I lost my dog this year, so that’s going to be a little hard. It was always so fun to see him unwrap his gifts…he was crazy. I love cooking so I’ll enjoy that. And maybe I’ll go to Colombia for New Years.

Discover the collection here: mango.com

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