The Hamptons Beloved Photographer James Katsipis Will Open His First Gallery in Montauk This Summer

Katsipis' immersive new space is 20 years in the making.

by Aaron Royce
James Katsipis, photography, art, artwork, Hamptons, Montauk, gallery

James Katsipis, known as the Hamptons’ most prominent fine art photographer, is bringing even more natural beauty to the Montauk seaside this summer. On May 23, Katsipis will officially open his namesake gallery James Katsipis Photography.

James Katsipis, photography, art, artwork, Hamptons, Montauk, gallery

Blustery Goodness

“Opening a gallery in my hometown of Montauk has always been my lifelong dream; this is 20 years in the making,” Katsipis said. “I’m thrilled to invite everyone to experience the culmination of my life’s work in my new gallery.”

The immersive space, located at 742 Montauk Highway alongside the Montauk Chamber of Commerce, will feature Katsipis’ captivating fine artworks and photography—with a new series debuting every other month—that highlight the beauty of sunsets, oceans, and more. Additionally, visitors can customize large-scale acrylic pieces by Katsipis for commotion and buy his prints in a curated in-gallery shop—which will also include custom skate decks, surfboards, and more. Within the gallery, Katsipis will also bring his artistic craft to others with special photography seminars, as well as private Montauk explorations.

James Katsipis, photography, art, artwork, Hamptons, Montauk, gallery

Winter Wonder

Katsipis is also taking the moment to mark his gallery’s opening with a new project: a limited-edition Zine, inspired by his local experiences in Montauk and “Graintauk” analog film series. The in-gallery Zine will only be able to be purchased in the gallery itself, with the first 50 consumers receiving a limited-edition numbered print signed buy Katsipis.

Below, discover a glimpse of Katsipis’ signature captivating works ahead of James Katsipis Photography’s debut in Montauk.

All images: James Katsipis

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