The Wait Is Over — The First Issue Of The Daily Summer Is Here!

by Taylor Harris

The Daily Summer — the unofficial Fashion Bible of the Hamptons — is here! And summer 2018 is all about shopping . ERES bikinis, Chanel baubles, Versace dresses, and more. We culled the best in luxury to find what you simply must wear at Navy Beach right now. Plus, there’s plenty of juicy tidbits to read up on. First, sink into the delicious tell-all from a male escort turned Met Ball-date. Plus, nutritionist to the stars (Margot Robbie’s a client!) Dana James gives us the inside intel on how to get bikini-ready in a flash. Then meet our cover star, divine Italian It model Chiara Scelsi who counts Domenico & Stefano (as in Dolce & Gabbana) as besties. She was even texting them on set!

Nab your copy out East, or dive into the issue HERE. Happy reading!

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