A Diary of The Met Gala with Jessica Serfaty and Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio

One Couple's Met Gala Day from Start to Finish

by Eddie Roche

We followed actress Jessica Serfaty and Ray-Ban president Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio on Met Gala day to see what REALLY happens on fashion’s biggest day. 

The morning kicked off at their Casa Cipriani Presidential Suite. It was a beautiful morning with sun shining through the wrap-around windows and an incredible view of the river and NYC skyline. Slightly overcast, but an ideal sky for glam and photo purposes.

9:00am Ice bath for Jessica, which she says refreshes her before a long day and cleanses her skin for glam properly. “The perfect wake me up.” She also noted she started her day with a drop of MCT oil and collagen, pre-makeup team arrival.

9:30am First catering arrived with coffee, water, juices, fruit, pastries and assorted breakfast items for the couple and their styling and glam team.

9:45am Nails arrived, to begin gels on Jessica’s toes and hands. The choice was a nude with a touch of sparkle and pinkish tint to match the dress but remain neutral simultaneously.

10:am The first of the glam team arrived, Glen Coco for hair and his assistant to set up their tools and products.

10:15am Soo Park and his assistant arrived for makeup, setting up their spread including a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana palette. Jessica had a spray tan the night prior, to let the tanner set overnight before makeup began. Jessica shows her sketches as well of the dresses to the glam team, prior to the actual gowns, in pure excitement for the evening, and discusses the exquisite design of the Dolce items, which are both custom but from their 2005 archives. Hand-made silk flowers were adorned to the organza cape and the iconic dress worn by Gisele in 2005 is recreated in watermelon chiffon for Jessica, layered with Swarovski crystals. The couple both chose their outfits in their home of Milan, with Jessica having several fittings at the Dolce & Gabbana headquarters and Leonardo with his custom suitmaker.

Jessica Serfaty

10:45am Jessica and Leonardo each have a cup of coffee, Jessica a Macchiato with oat milk and Leonardo an espresso. They had already been drinking flat water, had some fruit and a croissant, chocolate chip croissant for Leonardo.

 11:00am The team from Cartier arrived with the jewels, clad with a security guard. The team greeted the jeweler from Cartier, and escorted them to a prep table for the jewels.

11:15am Garment racks arrive from housekeeping and the team on hand hangs Leonardo’s custom suit, Jessica’s Dolce & Gabbana after party dress and Met gala dress on the rack. Her floral cape, the star of the show, is hung over the window curtain to keep it in proper form following steaming.

11:30am Leonardo brings out their Ray-Ban options for the evening, placing a beautiful sunglasses tray of different variations of the new Reverse Aviators collection on the table next to the Cartier Jewels, and the team helps set them up for their BTS photographer to capture.

Jessica Serfaty

For the next two hours, Jessica engaged in hair and makeup while Leonardo looks on, chatting with his fiancé throughout the process, handling some personal business calls, and discussing the day ahead. Not only do they have The Met Gala, but Ray-Ban is throwing a major afterparty at Casa Cipriani ballroom immediately after, where they further launched the Ray-Ban Reverse sunglasses officially, highlighting at the afterparty the Wayfarer Reverse.

Noon The team steams Leonardo’s custom suit by Milan Italian tailor and designer Luca Rubinacci, to ensure it is ready to go for the gala. He shows off the custom lining for some BTS video, in which the tailor printed Ray-Ban sunglasses images on the lining – incredibly unique on the custom bespoke maroon suit.

Leonardo Maria del Vecchio, Jessica Serfaty

12:15pm Jessica’s close friend Luca Castellani pops in, for some welcomed energy and input on her glam, and extreme excitement over the reveal of her dress.

12:45 Glen Coco wraps hair, gives his kisses and hugs goodbye to Jessica, preps her for how to keep the look in place all evening, some final hair spray, and heads out for his next client. Jessica and Luca continue to chat and discuss the evening ahead.

1:30pm The couple pops up to the rooftop level for a quick lunch and break together before getting dressed and heading out. Leonardo enjoys some beef tartare. Not first before Leonardo compliments his gorgeous finance on her stunning hair and makeup and tells her how she is naturally so beautiful.

 2:30pm Return to suite and dressing prep begins. Jessica then brings out purse options, and the team all unanimously chooses the Dolce Swarovski crystal clutch which is a perfect match to the dress.

3:15pm Jessica puts on her Cartier jewels, once her dress is on, over her beautiful hand-died gloves to match.Platinum set diamonds, bracelet, and earrings, are added to her look, plus her gorgeous engagement ring. The bracelet is 18.18 carats, 105 diamonds, featuring 3 different cuts, valued at $500k. The team on-hand also reminds them of the 4:00pm sprinter departure, and 3:30pm final look photos. Those remaining in the suite steam Jessica’s chiffon gown and make sure all is in order. The BTS photographer begins to look through his glam shots.

Leonardo Maria del Vecchio, Jessica Serfaty


3:00pm Jessica and Leonardo both get dressed, with the help of the teams on hand to get Jessica into her floral cape. First she reveals the underlying dress and crystal bra set, to jaw dropping reactions. Photos are first taken of the Dolce creation, before she adds the cape. Leonardo comes out in his dapper tuxedo, looking sharp in maroon and black lapel. The couple then pose together on the balcony, with the skyline in the backdrop, before taking additional images exiting the suite. First Leonardo and Jessica choose their sunglasses for the night, testing which aviator tint looks better in photos with the dress. Once the decision is made the duo head out for their Sprinter.

4pm They enter the Sprinter, to head uptown to the Met Gala. Before leaving the Sprinter for their first Met Gala and massive carpet arrival, Jessica pops a Relate natural energy gummy, and Leo’s finishes a pre-event Peroni. Now it is time, The Met Gala arrival slot has approached. The couple exits the sprinter, as paparazzi begin to take their photo, Leonardo putting out a hand to escort his fiancé out of the vehicle. A moment of elegance. The couple head onto the carpet, escorted by Vogue’s PR team, first stopping at photographers before heading into video crews and interviews. Upon arrival they say hello to Anna Wintour  and thank her for an incredible evening ahead.

Once inside, they are seated at their table. No phones are permitted. They are seated at with Doja Cat and Vetements’ Guram Gvasalia (Both co-hosts of their Ray-Ban afterparty by Richie Akiva to follow at Casa Cipriani), among other top notables and fashion names. They ate steak after delicious appetizers, and watched a performance by Ariana Grande. Leonardo drank gin & tonics and Jessica enjoyed a cucumber and mango infused cocktail.

11pm The couple exits for their Sprinter who is waiting outside, and head back to Casa Cipriani. They drink sparkling water during the ride, excited for their party ahead.

11:30pm Jessica debates changing into her original afterparty cocktail number or leaving on her Dolce & Gabbana custom gala creation. Since she is already dressed and comfortable, and the floral cape was the focus of the carpet, she decided to wear the watermelon red chiffon gown to the afterparty, which was effortlessly chic and stunning at the same time.

The couple refresh, Jessica applies lip gloss, and  are escorted to the party, first stopping for a fun photo moment in the hallway as they exit their suite, and security takes them in the elevator down to the ballroom level.

Midnight They enter the affair, which is already underway with DJ Hank on stage kicking it off, and a line of white glove servers offering Perrier-Jouet champagne, Poppi lemon lime & Absolut cocktails, Sainte Marguerite En Provence Rose wine, Malfy Gin “Ray-Ban” Negronis, and Codigo tequila spicy margaritas. Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Poppi soda on trays is also offered to the couple, as they are brought first to the Ray-Ban floral entry wall, and then to their black leather VIP Table beside the dance floor. At their table they are joined by friends Tommaso Chiabra and his wife, supermodel Frida Assen, as well as Casa Cipriani’s Michael Cayre.

The room is magical and ethereal, reflective of the Met Gala theme, filled with red and pink florals, and chic Ray-Ban branding elements. Pink and red uplights adorn the predominantly black set room, for the ultimate elegant yet sexy affair.

Frida Aasen and Jessica Serfaty

At approximately 1:30am Richie Akiva is on the mic, Doja Cat has just entered the party, and the likes of Jaden Smith, Camila Cabello, Lil Nas X, Lizzo, Serena Willliams, Teyana Taylor, Odell Beckham Jr, Winnie Harlow, and more are seen all around the bash, and a birthday cake with sparklers, a vanilla Cipriani cake, is brought out to Leonardo’s table since it also happens to be his birthday. The room sings happy birthday led by Akiva as the DJ, now Kaytranada, switches to a fun track. Jessica takes the cake from the waitress to present it to her fiancé for a cute moment, and helps him blow out the candles.

2:00am Nolita vegan burger joint, Neat Burger, is brought out on trays, and the couple excitedly engage in the perfect late night snack. Delicious burgers and fries while at their VIP table on the dance floor. The couple continue to mix and mingle into the evening, posing for photos with co-host of the night Teyana Taylor as they all rock matching Ray-Bans. Other guests continue to arrive all evening, such as Lewis Hamilton, Usher, Joan Smalls, and many more.

4:00am They decide to end the evening and say their goodbyes to Richie Akiva and Maggio Cipriani, After congratulating them on an incredible event, they are escorted to the VIP ballroom elevator to head up to their suite, hand in hand. What a day!

Images: BFA unless noted

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