The Daily Creates Faux Raya Profiles for 3 of Media’s Biggest Names

by The Daily Front Row

Call us Cupid: The Daily envisioned Raya profiles on behalf of some of media’s biggest power players.

1. Joanna Coles: “Not-so-average Jo”

Joanna Coles

Joanna Coles (Shutterstock)

Age: Older than Tilda, but not much
Interests: Female empowerment (define as you wish!), growing my profile, showing the world just how silly TikTok actually is. Snap for life!
ISO: A power player with a sense of humor. No married types of presidential hopefuls need apply!

2. Dan Peres: “Diddy Pop”

Dan Peres

Dan Peres (BFA)

Age: I started sleeping again, so how old do I look? 😍
Interests: Finding gainful employment, shocking and awing the reading public.
ISO: A job, my next book idea, and endless ways to fill the long expanse of time that’s stretching before me.

3. Anna Wintour: “A. Dubbs”

Anna Wintour (PMC)

Age: Still young enough for Roger!
Interests: The Newhouse family’s financial situation.
ISO: Moneyed but unemployed type who’s game to tag along. If you’re an heir, I’m aware!

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