Taraji P. Henson Breaks Down Cookie in CR

by Eddie Roche



As if Taraji P. Henson needed anything else to validate her cool cred, she appears in the latest issue of CR Fashion Book in a black and white editorial by Bruce Weber looking cookieliscious. Inside she opens up about her father’s death, art, and her game-changing character Cookie on Empire. “Cookie is the walking, breathing truth,” she explained. “She says it, however embarrassing it may be for you, she says it without blinking. She has an innocence. If you took a child and you never made them afraid, in a society that never tainted children, it would grow up to be Cookie. Society teaches us to be PC. If I ask you a question the first thing that comes to your mind is the truth. But we have been trained to stop, breathe, listen, and manipulate our answers. Cookie does none of that because of what she’s been through. She survived 17 years in a cage and she came out of there with her soul intact. They didn’t break her. That’s the superwoman power that she has. When you have that, when you understand the truth of your strength and your power, nothing can stop you.” Read the full interview HERE.


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