Stella McCartney Brings the Joie to Paris Fashion Week

by Paige Reddinger

Stella McCartney reminded us all that, believe it or not, fashion week is supposed to be fun. The clothes, as always, were covetable with chic rounded-shoulder looks in muted tones, corseted tailoring, blanket looks, and sporty numbers that proclaimed: Girls Thanks, No Fur, No Leather. But it was the finale that had everyone leaving this show with a spring in their step. Choreographer Blanca Li arranged a model dance-off, which provided more caffeine for the front row at 10 A.M. than any Starbucks run (yes, we know that even in Paris you’re still making those). After a weary fashion month, what better way to remind us what it’s all about? These clothes are meant to be worn! To be shown off! To be lived in! Bien fait, Stella.


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