Fame Is Going To Be “Weird” for Sander Bos

by Eddie Roche

Warning! Making the Cut spoilers ahead!

On episode 3 of Making the Cut, Sander Bos, 25, was paired with Sabato Russo, 64, and they walked away the winners of the episode. The Daily talked with the Belgium designer to find out why the pair worked, where he sees his future, and what it was like being recognized while on quarantine.  

Hi Sander! How are you?
I’m good! How are you, love?

What was it like working with Sabato?
Working with Sabato was as fabulous as he is. Sometimes we need to clash a little bit to get the best out of us. We’re visionary people and we know what we like. The way to get through it is to communicate with each other. Overall it was fabulous and I have a great respect for him.

What did you disagree on?
He wanted do everything in black and I knew we needed color. We found the brown, which we both loved. I had my color and he had his black.

What did you learn from him?
What I appreciate the most and I’ll continue learning from him is that he has this beautiful ability to really step back from the work that he’s doing and analyze it. He looks at it to see what he’s doing and where the work is going. What is it growing to be? He has the power of thought. I’m more of a doer. I hope to obtain his skill one day.

Making The Cut (Courtesy)

How did you hear about the show?
I was sitting at home and living my best life. I got an email about the casting. I thought it was fraudulent and someone was trying to scam money from me. I didn’t think it was for real! They kept emailing me. Then I realized it was real and they asked me to send a video in, and I ended up on the show.

Were any of the Making the Cut judges intimidating? 
Yeah! It got better and better and you realize they’re human. You form a bond with them and they understand you better. They recognize your work and see your integrity.

Let’s talk about your line. Do you consider it avant-garde?
Yes, but not on purpose. I don’t think I go into making a collection and think, “I’m going to make this avant-garde today.” It becomes more avant-garde because of my ideas about fashion might be about a social idea.

What’s your background?
When I was 18, I finished art high school and then I went to Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, and then I did my masters in four years, and then I started my own business

You seem very confident. Where does that confidence come from?
Someone said to me that if you don’t believe in you, how can you expect anyone else to believe in you? It stuck for me. Everyone has self doubt, which is normal and human. I can talk to close friends and mentors about those things. I believe in my fashion. I believe I have something to say in the fashion space of today’s world. I need to believe in it if I want someone else to believe in it.

Where do you see things going for you?  
Wherever the wind takes me! The leaf that I am. I love Belgium, but I’m always looking to expand.  I’m only 25!

Who would you love to see wearing your line?
That’s a hard one! Michaela Coel from Black Earth Rising on Netflix. She’s so stunning.

You’re currently in Belgium. Are you on lockdown?
I’m in my fourth week and counting.  [This interview was conducted last Friday.]

How’s it going for you?
We are still allowed to get packages so I’m designing a lot. I’m finishing orders. It’s horrible for the world, but we’re trying to make the most of it.

You’ll be eventually be walking into a world where people will now know you from television.
Someone recognized me in a supermarket a few days ago. The most random place in Belgium! The guy said, “Didn’t I see you on television? Aren’t you on Making the Cut?”

Are you excited about more people recognizing you in the future?
It’s going to be weird from me. I’m a very open person. I’m extravagant and confident, but I want people to know the brand.

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