Out & About With Edie Parker’s Brett Heyman & Stine Goya, Cosmo’s First Digital Cover, Plus! Kelly Cutrone Spills All…

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by Freya Drohan

Edie Parker hosts Righteous Bush ’96 bash at BABS

Brett Heyman, founder and creative director of everyone’s favorite tongue-in-cheek accessories and lifestyle brand Edie Parker, got the gang together last night to toast to The Righteous Bush ’96 collection and campaign. The venture is a parody of the Reagan/Bush ‘84 campaign imagery, referring to both the devil’s lettuce and the year 1996 when California passed Proposition 215 and became the first state to legalize the use of medical cannabis. (A percentage of proceeds will also go to The Last Prisoner Project organization which advocates for those incarcerated on cannabis offenses.) The celebration, which even welcomed Barbara Bush, was hosted at BABS in Greenwich Village and saw guests join for cocktails and dinner. Attendees toted the new Burn Bag Clutch which boasts its own lighter, which was put to use on the evening as folks lit up candles, joins, and flaming baba au rhum. Among those in attendance were Huma Abedin, Lauren Santo Domingo, Molly Howard, Nicky Rothschild Hilton, Ivy Getty, Jessica Seinfeld, Wes Gordon and Paul Arnhold, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Hannah Traore, Hunter Abrams, Nikki Kynard, Racquel Chevremont, Sara Moonves, Bonnie Morrison, Vanessa Traina, Sara Grace Wallerstedt, and many more.

Images: Zev Starr-Tambor

Stine Goya celebrated the Spring Summer ’23 collection with Nordstrom in LA

At Horses restaurant in LA, guests gathered to raise a glass to Danish designer Stine Goya. The designer, kitted out in a colorful abstract print maxi dress shared co-hosting duty with celebrity stylist Marc Eram. Nordstrom’s Rickie De Sole was out west to celebrate too, heralding the arrival of the ‘Whisper Loud’ collection to the retailer. Among those who joined for champagne and family-style favorites such as pasta, steak over celeriac dauphinoise, and seasonal fish were Rainey Qualley, Nina Agdal, Megan Suri, Olivia Welch, Hayley Law, Brooke Wise, Gavin Turek, Ganna Bogdan, Alyssa Coscarelli, Meeka Hossain, Djuna Bell, and Erica Cloud.

Images: BFA

Chlöe stars on Cosmopolitan’s first-ever digital cover

Chlöe Bailey, now going simply by Chlöe, delves into her new solo career with Cosmopolitan as she graces the outlet’s inaugural digital cover. Styled by Cassie Anderson in a range of epic metallic outfits, the 24-year-old performer tells the magazine about the often painful process of creating her personal new music, as well as the “separation anxiety” she has experienced since she and her sister, Halle, decided to focus on their own endeavors. Speaking about growing up in the public eye and the transition from child star to adult musician—the chart-topping duo have been famous since their early teens—she admits, “Because it’s all I’ve known, the transition has felt like every other girl my age and how they’ve grown up. I can’t be selfish and say, “Oh, but mine’s under a microscope”—that’s the case for every young Black woman. All of us have to deal with growing up under a microscope and being ridiculed no matter what we do. I don’t single myself out. It just seems like it’s happening a lot to me because I’m on a public forum as a Black woman. So it doesn’t feel different. All of us are going through this.” Read the full feature here.


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Kelly Cutrone goes down memory lane 

Endlessly-quotable Kelly Cutrone sat down with Bustle to talk about her “hot mess” era—aka, back in 1993 when she was 28-years-old and living in Venice Beach. The publicist and TV personality offered no shortage of practical advise to “fake it ’til you make it,” as well as an insight into this aforementioned wild time. She recalls: “I was just doing a ton of drugs by this point. I was drinking, doing coke. I was a hot mess. Then, right around the time that you’re asking me about, I had this major spiritual experience. It was a whole thing — physically and emotionally. I went through a horrible detox and that was the last time I ever did any drugs. And I’ve never missed a day without doing spiritual practice since then. I also started reading tarot cards on Venice Beach.” Cutrone, 57, also drops some bombs. Case in point: she was once signed to a record company for a cool $250,000 and one night she made out with Jane Fonda. “I was the first poor girl in PR,” straight-talking Cutrone tells the outlet. “Everybody in my world was super rich. I came from the middle of nowhere, my sister and I shared a bed, if we were going to get school clothes my parents had to sell things. I was really embarrassed about where I was from when I came to New York. Then as I got older, in my early thirties, I started feeling like it was something I should be proud of.” Read the whole piece here.


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