Meet The Sisters Behind Buzzy Brand Mach & Mach, Which Just Landed With A Sparkly Splash At Nordstrom

by Freya Drohan

Once you enter the shining shop floor at Nordstrom’s 57th Street flagship, it’s impossible not to be captivated by a towering bubblegum pink activation featuring the viral shoes, accessories, and clothing by Georgian brand Mach & Mach. Like most of us, you’ve probably been following Nina and Gvantsa Macharashvili’s insider-approved label on Instagram for a hot minute, but did you know that the sisters behind the hit designs often worn by Megan Fox, Solange, Katy Perry, and more originally launched ten years ago? The duo were in town to celebrate the new capsule available at Nordstrom, which was fêted over cocktails at WOLF with a soirée hosted by Rickie De Sole and Joan Smalls last night. With so much buzz surrounding Mach & Mach, we simply had to find out more! Here’s how it all began…

As sisters, how do you complement each other? Did you always know you’d start something together?
Although we may differ in personality and taste, we share common principles such as work ethic and a love of work. It has been like that since childhood and everything happened organically. We complement each other perfectly!

What were you like as kids? Were you both always obsessed with fashion?
Fashion has really been an obsession of ours since childhood. We both were attracted by all that was related to fashion in those days. Looking at fashion magazines spurred a lot of emotions and it’s where we would look for a creative outlet. Fashion magazines allowed us to explore and inspired us with our personal style.

You launched in 2012. What was the experience like running your own company in the early days?
From the very beginning we had a clear definition of what we wanted to do and achieve. We were not afraid of challenges, and we tried to reach our goals step by step. The courage for everything was of course the fact that from day one, our customers believed in us and loved our products. We always tried to create a product that align to our tastes and brand aesthetics.

Your shoes, in particular, have become famous all over the world. Was there a moment that kick started it all off?
Shoes have always been a special category for us. We always believed that we could create a product that would be unique and different. We are very proud of the fact that our footwear has gained so much popularity all over the world. As we continue to expand, our other products categories are also equally important, and are becoming more popular as the seasons go on.

How has Instagram helped build your brand?
Instagram is a very important platform not only for us. but for the fashion industry as a whole. In addition to us using it as a marketing channel, it allows you to have close relationship with your customers, which is so important for brand growth.

What does it feel like to see celebrities wearing Mach & Mach?
We are very proud of that we’ve had support from celebrities for our products. We receive a lot of love and positive energies, which is so important for doing our job.

Who is the ultimate Mach & Mach muse that you keep in mind when designing?
There is no single muse. We design for a fashion girl, who loves to present herself in her own way, embracing her personal style and a unique aesthetic. All our collections have their own inspirations, which sometimes come from different periods of time, allowing us to draw inspiration of fashion at that time.

How did your upbringing in Tbilisi, Georgia shape you as designers?
Georgia is a small, but very interesting and culturally very rich European country. In the country, there are lots of different places which are a continuous source of inspiration and have had some influence on our taste and individualism.

You’ve now launched prominently at Nordstrom NYC! What does this mean to you?
Nordstrom is one of the most important partners for us and we love collaborating with them. We have very distinctive and individual approaches to working together and it is a pleasure working with such a professional team.

Do you spend much time in NYC? What do you love about the city, if so?
We really love New York! It’s energy, culture, and vibe is really impressive to us.

Can you tease what’s still to come for the brand in 2022 and beyond?
We have a lot of newness in all categories, the brand continues to grow and we promise our customers are in for a lot of nice surprises…

See the pics from the cocktail celebration below!

Images: BFA

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