Nina Agdal On Her Next Chapter

by Eddie Roche

Stunning Nina Agdal has entered a new decade and is feeling better than ever. She tells The Daily how she’s grown over the years, what she’s looking forward to, and all about her new romance with Logan Paul.

You turned 30 this past year! How did it feel to enter a new decade?
It felt great! My twenties were absolutely incredible. They were filled with adventures and fun times but also brought a lot of tough lessons, hard times, and not-so-pleasant discoveries about the reality of life and myself. I know that’s part of life, no matter how old I am, but I feel as if the older I get, the more I learn how to navigate the tougher times with more ease. It’s as if I’m building a tool box on how to live the best way I can. The older I grow, the bigger that tool box gets. I’m so excited for this decade and to see what it has in store for me! Also, the thirties are definitely the new twenties!

What did you do to celebrate?
I spent a weekend with my closest friends in Miami, which was the first place I lived in the U.S. We went to the Ultra Music Festival there, and danced the night and day away. It was the perfect wrap to my twenties!

(Photography: Vivian Arthur)

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in yourself in a decade?
Great question! I have definitely become a lot more comfortable being honest,
vulnerable, and sensitive with myself and people around me. I feel like I have entered a
phase in my life where I’m okay with cutting the bulls**t and being transparent about
how I truly feel, even if it makes me or others around me uncomfortable. I’d rather
be honest and uncomfortable than hold in my thoughts or feelings just for the sake of
pleasing. I also find myself valuing quality when it comes to people, conversation, and
experiences over quantity.

What’s been keeping you busy these days?
Besides working and doing shoots, I’ve spent a lot of time practicing self-discovery and
self-care. I was quite busy over the past several years, and I neglected myself in many
areas. I’m basically picking up some of the pieces I was struggling with for a while,
both physically and mentally, so I can be stronger. This pertains to both personal
and business success. Therapy, meditation, prioritizing physical/mental health, and
spending time figuring out how I can feel my best have been big priorities in addition
to dealing with regular life programming.

What’s new with your app?
We are relaunching in 2023. I’m very much looking forward.

You’ve accomplished so much. What are you still eager to do?
I’m still so passionate about wellness and spreading awareness on how everyone can
start their own health and wellness journey. I think that’s the first step to happiness,
so if I can inspire or help one, 10, or 100 people in finding that path for themselves,
that’s what fuels my fire. Even though there are already many methods, I believe there
is room for improvement, so I’m working on curating the “cheat code” that has helped
me. This way, I can spread that to more people and hopefully inspire, encourage, and
help them. Additionally, I look forward to building a family, but that will happen
when the time is right for me.

Wellness is such an important part of your life. What workout are you into these days?
Unfortunately, I hurt my back playing pickleball last year, so I’ve been taking it easy.
I’ve been doing lots of physical therapy, gentle walks, slow jogs, and my usual The
Agdal Method body weight routines. It almost feels like I’m starting over, especially
when it comes to cardio/running. I welcome the journey and the testing of my patience.

What kinds of food do you usually eat?
It depends on my week and where I am. I have been traveling nonstop, so it’s not
easy to stick to a plan. I try to keep it balanced while never feeling like I’m depriving
myself of anything. I don’t believe in restrictive eating. I eat a lot of eggs, lean
protein, rice, potatoes, nuts and nut butters, fruits, and berries. That said, I would
be lying if I said I didn’t eat pasta quite often. Carbs fuel my workouts and make me
feel energized.

What’s on tap for the rest of the year?
I have a lot of travel coming up, so I’m gearing up for that. I’m looking forward to
getting back into The Agdal Method more this year and focusing on aspects other
than just fitness, including nutrition and mental health practices.

We know you’re from Denmark. How often do you get back? What do you like to do when you
return home?
On average, once a year. I was back in December for a few days to show my boyfriend
my hometown. I go home to see my family, so when I’m there I’m dedicated to
spending quality time with them. And I’m also dedicated to eating hot dogs. The
Danish hot dogs are incredible!

Thanks for the tip! We saw on Wikipedia that your middle name is Brohus. What’s the backstory
with that name?
I actually don’t know the full story, but it comes from my dad’s side of the family and
translates to “bridge house.” Maybe someone had a house under a bridge way back
then? I should find out!

What designers are you wearing lately?
Jonathan Simkhai, LaPointe, Meshki, and Jacquemus for going out.,
Isabel Marant, Off-White, and Anine Bing for upscale everyday. Agolde and Re/Done
for pants/jeans. Zara and The Frankie Shop for basics. White Fox Boutique for sweat
sets. Larroudé, YSL, and Alexander Wang for heels.

We’ve noticed you seem extra happy these days in your new romance with Logan Paul. Where
did you meet?
Awww, I am! We met at an event in NYC. I found out he was there and my gut was
screaming that I had to say hi to him. I basically convinced him to meet me and my
friends upstairs for a drink. I didn’t want to walk downstairs because of my bad back.
He came upstairs and we started joking around. It instantly felt like I had known him
for years, and here we are. It was wild!

10 Things We Didn’t Know About Nina Agdal!
1. I’m well above average at ping-pong.
2. I was studying to be a dentist before dropping out of school.
3. I subscribe to Tennis TV and keep up with the tournaments pretty much all year round.
4. I have an extra long torso but short legs.
5. My favorite meal is a good meatball and a chopped salad at the same time.
6. I lived in Denmark for 18 years before moving to the U.S.
7. I carry a fingertip pulse oximeter in my bag when traveling. It helps calm me down if my heart is racing because of anxiety.
8. I’m obsessed with roller coasters and have never turned down a ride.
9. I used to bite my nails and now I can’t go one day with a chipped one without being bothered.
10. I put ketchup on my Bolognese.

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