Nina Ricci Spring 2016

by Paige Reddinger

It was hot in Nina Ricci’s venue at the Grand Palais. Guests fanned themselves with their invitations as they waited for the show to begin. That was apparently what Guillaume Henry was going for, at least with the clothes.

An olive green wrap dress that was slightly off the shoulder was indeed sexy, a shiny black ostrich apron dress looked cool (though a little stiff), there were hot to trot mini skirts, and a shift dress with ostrich feathers had a lovely purple hue. However, the purposefully wrinkled fabric on dresses with no shape won’t be getting any second glances, and the cow hide apron and oversized coat won’t make any woman feel particularly alluring, least of all the Nina Ricci woman. The wrap dresses that opened and closed the show, however, will work themselves into several well-heeled closets.

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