The Next Generation: Alexandre Assouline

by Dena Silver


Is the East End social scene feeling a bit passé? There are a slew of new names to know, and hot off the presses from the latest issue of The Daily Summer,  we’re sharing 10 fresh faces to get familiar with out in the Hamps. Welcome to Next Generation week! Some come from storied families, others are self-made…meet the chicsters of tomorrow. First up is Alexandre Assouline, 21, heir to the Assouline publishing fortune.

Mom & Dad: Art-book publishers Prosper and Martine Assouline

9 To 5: Junior graphic designer at Assouline

WeekendRroutine:“I usually stay with my friend, Andrew Warren, and hang out with Peter Brant II and Annabel Schwartz.”

Night Moves:“I’ve always loved the space that’s now 1OAK in Southampton. I used to go there when it was South Pointe, too!”

Deep Dish:“I love to cook at my friend’s houses and host big get-togethers. I make simple and summery dishes, usually with tomatoes and chicken. I’m all about chicken.”

Summer Escape: “Every year I go to the South of France and stay at La Colombe d’Or, a hotel in Saint-Paul de Vence that we did  a book about.”

Dress Code:
“A really chic shirt and a pair of suspenders is kind of my signature.”

Spiritual Side:
“I’m working on a pitch for a series of books on the astrological signs.”

Family Biz:
“I was pretty much raised to work at Assouline since I was little kid. I really care about it.”

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