Neville Jacobs Scores Paper Magazine Cover

by Eddie Roche

Neville Jacobs (son of Marc) nabs his first magazine cover: Paper Magazine’s Winter 2015 issue, which you’ll recall featured Kim Kardashian and her bum around this time last year. Neville was shot by Marc’s trusty right-hand man Nicolas Newbold and (of course) wears Marc Jacobs for his cover debut. The theme is Fandemonium, and Paper’s chief creative officer Drew Elliott fills us in on what that’s all about…

“We gathered our editorial team, removed all boundaries, and asked the question: What would make fans go nuts?” he explained. “This was a fun issue to put together, but also a tough one. When you want to do the radical, you realize that the entertainment business is pretty conservative. Talent is protected like treasure, and publicists and managers are the moat to the amazing. So I give a huge round of applause for the folks who agreed to go on a journey with us and did something a little left to their normal.”

The other covers for the special issue feature Paris HiltonLucy Hale, and Chloë Sevigny, who pays homage to the title character in Stephen King’s Carrie. Tomorrow night the Paper crew and Hilton celebrate the issue with a small dinner in Miami as you-know-what kicks off.

*Cover4_Neville *Cover3_Chloe *Cover2_Lucy *Cover1_Paris

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