Exclusive: Neville Jacobs Speaks!

by Eddie Roche
Neville Jacobs

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One of our fave Instagram accounts to follow is Neville Jacobs aka the handsome pup of Marc Jacobs, who is showing his collection today at the Ziegfeld Theatre for the first time. We recently sat down with Marc and Katie Grand for the first issue of The Daily this season, but we also had a few questions for Neville. 

How are you staying humble as an Instagram superstar?
Next question.

Do you get recognized on the street now?
Quite a bit. I think it’s mostly because people can see my nose from a block away. I’m also rarely without my bro, the French bulldog, Charlie, so it’s hard to hide. No real paparazzi moments, thankfully.

How do you decide what kind of pictures to post of yourself?
It depends on my mood. I don’t overthink it, to be honest. I post whatever I want, whenever I feel like it.

Do you check in to see how many likes you get after posting a picture?
Anyone who says they don’t is full of it. Of course I do! I love my likes!

Which models do you crush on?
Well, my No. 1 is Christy Turlington and, of course, her two Boston terriers, Mickey and Fitz. She’s known me since I was just a pup and has always been so sweet.

Is modeling something you’d consider doing professionally?
Eh. I enjoy being the face of my dad’s Bookmarc campaigns, but I wouldn’t pigeonhole myself as a model when I’m also an actor, adjunct in-office therapy dog, and aspiring author.

Neville Jacobs

You can read our chat with Marc and Katie by clicking HERE!

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