Mover of the Week: Brigid Walsh, MarioTestino+ Global Development Director

by Kristen Heinzinger

After racking up a decade of experience running the events side at American Vogue, Brigid Walsh is venturing into new territory. That’s not to say she’s compromising her chic factor! The former executive director of communications at the Condé glossy has joined MARIOTESTINO+ as global development director, where she’ll manage marketing and creative services, publishing, exhibitions, philanthropy, and the much-lauded photographer’s new content platform, Mira Mira. Plus, she is taking the London-based agency stateside, heading up its new New York office, where she’ll work with Testino’s top tier clients, everyone from Dolce and Chanel to V Magazine and—you guessed it—Vogue

Brigid—do you go by Brigid?
[My friends call me] “Brig” or “Brigey.”

Tell us a bit about your background.  
I am from Southern California, from a very large family—I am the youngest of nine children. My father was in the garment/fabrics business and my mother was an art teacher. We had a very creative household.

Were you always into fashion and art?
I studied political science but soon found my love for the business side of the creative industry as a publicist in the film industry.

What is one of the most challenging events you’ve wrangled?
I really enjoyed the challenges and the global scope of the Fashion’s Night Out program.  It was a terrific opportunity to work with brands globally and modifying their marketing messages to various cultures.

What was the best part of working at Vogue?
The people. Some of the best and brightest minds in the business!

What drew you to MARIOTESTINO+?
Mario Testino and his agency MARIOTESTINO+ are innovating at such a rapid pace. I’m tremendously excited to work with this talented team on the future of what it means to collaborate with brands.

Do you have a favorite Testino image?
I have to say that I’m completely captivated by Mario’s portraits in Peru.  His Alta Moda series is breathlessly beautiful.  The way Mario captures culture—modern or historic—I think is what makes him the best in the world at what he does.

Can you give us a taste of what some of your responsibilities will be?
It’s a very exciting time to work across all of the platforms that Mario Testino and MARIOTESTINO+ are leading.  From brand collaborations, museum exhibitions, and film content, I will be working across platforms.  I’m very excited to lead the North American offices as well as working with MATE MUSEUM in Peru.

Your Instagram bio alludes to your dream of raising goats…pray tell!
My husband and I live in the Hudson Valley, north of New York City. We have an old stone farm house that we’re renovating. It’s a magical place that lends itself perfectly to becoming a working farm. That sounds just dreamy to me!

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