10 Divine Mother’s Day Gifts to Make Her Smile

by Tangie Silva

With the current extension of self-isolation, many of us won’t be able to get that IRL face-to-face moment with our mothers this year. But there’s still time to send them your love from afar. This Mother’s Day guide is offering up a bevy of luxurious gifts to cheer them up and truly say, “Je t’aime maman!”

1.VOSGES Bastet Sacred Chocolate Ensemble, $150
Founder and chocolatier Katrina Markoff’s curiosity led her to the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet and the creation of this delicious amalgamation of chocolatey confections. “She is a protector of children, women, as well as a celebrant of the sensual…I dug into the landscape of ancient Egypt to find, despite the fact it was surrounded desert, the Nile river’s edge was rich and robust with plants, minerals, spices and rituals that held powerful secrets for medicinal and aphrodisiacal purposes.” Your mom can now feast upon so many flavors including Macedonian pinot noir and Egyptian pomegranate to Apologue saffron liqueur and Medjool dates. It’s a world tour without leaving the living room.

2. ESTÉE LAUDER Beautiful Jeweled Hourglass Perfume Compact by Monica Rich Kosann, $325
The limited edition compact is inspired by tarot cards and the hourglass is associated with the new year and the passing of time. Perfect for reflecting on the past and setting goals for the future, luxury jewelry designer Rich Kosann focused on the intricate design details. Time is essentially frozen in glittering crystals within that don’t move and the fragrance inside is signature to spring with a blend of rose, lily, tuberose, orange flower paired “with citrus, warmed by woods.”

3. MARK & GRAHAM Rolling Wicker Picnic Basket, $299
Mom might not be able to go out but a picnic in the yard is still an option! The bonus of this basket is the retractable handle and wheels so there’s no unnecessary lugging. It includes drink-ware and serve-ware for six (when she can socialize again), an insulated section to keep perishables fresh, a picnic blanket, a drink table, and a monogrammed tag.

4. VINGLACE Gift Set, $125
Champers, darlings? Every mom needs to keep her bubbles (and nerves) chilled these days. Trust this is the sleekest wine chiller set and comes in an array of colors too. It’s lightweight, made from stainless steel, and has vacuum insulation so she can take it from room to room…or anywhere once quarantine is over.

5. NORDSTROM LINGERIE Moonlight Pajamas, $65 
Pajamas are everyone’s go-to ensemble these days and this set is heaven. Inspired by classic menswear, mom will have enough room to relax in the billowy top and pants. Plus, these are made in “a factory that supports women worker empowerment through HERproject, which creates partnerships to enable workplace-based interventions on health, financial inclusion, and gender equality.” Win-win, no? Yes!

6. TATCHA Bestsellers Set, $60
Give mom just a little bit of everything:  The Deep Cleanse, The Water Cream, The Silk Canvas, and Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. It’s the brand’s top favorites all in one luxe bundle. Full of Japanese anti-aging superfoods like Uji green tea to detoxify and help reduce premature signs of aging, Okinawa mozuku algae packed with polysaccharides to promote skin water retention and renewal, and protein-rich Akita rice to help nourish and moisturize. It’s a starter pack that will make her keep coming back for more.

7. MAJESTIC Ombre Stripe Crewneck Cashmere Sweater, $498
Who doesn’t love the feel of cashmere? It’s the transitional spring fabric that layers beautifully and you can’t stop caressing. This relaxed silhouette works for staying at home while not giving up style. And the bold bright stripes of blue will be the perfect accent when hitting the Hamptons later this summer – fingers crossed!

8. HAVERHILL COLLECTION Everly Earrings, $650
The classic stud gets a modern update courtesy of sapphires, London blue topaz and rose de France gemstones. Set in sterling silver with 14-karat white gold posts, mom now has a burst of color to work with her springtime wardrobe yet still elegant enough for evening galas…when they return, of course.

9. VENUS ET FLEUR Zodiac by Susan Miller Roses, $169
We’ve had our eyes on these since last year! Ms. Miller is the go-to astrologer for all chicettes and now there’s a fragrant rose arrangement for the whole Zodiac. Why go with the standard bouquet that will just wilt away when these last for months and months? With the blooms’ colors matched to suit each sign, it also comes with a little booklet forecasting mom’s future for this year.

10. BURKE DECOR Colorful Backgammon Set, $95
Mom’s stuck indoors but is still looking for entertainment. This is a classic board game anyone can enjoy but with a refreshing update in color! The beachwood box set is the height of chic and comes with a black fabric bag to easily tote it from one match to the next. Again, a piece for now and post-quarantine.

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