Mimi Cuttrell Is the Woman Behind Gigi Hadid’s Sick Street Style

by Sydney Sadick

Gigi Hadid’s enviable street style isn’t exactly accidental — stylist Mimi Cuttrell is painstakingly sourcing the best looks for the world’s top supermodel. And her mother. And Kaia Gerber. In other words, the woman is busy. Here’s how she makes it all work.

The world is going crazy over Gigi’s street style. How did you land her as a client?
Gigi and I both grew up in Santa Barbara. I was a little older, but we both played volleyball, and we also knew each other through family friends. We reconnected a couple of years ago, and after I decided to move to New York from California, I started working with her. I slowly became her everyday dressing stylist. We’ve been working together for around nine months now.

What was your game plan?
I didn’t have a real strategy—I wanted to play every day by day. It’s been really natural and fluid—working like that has gone well so far. I love going about my everyday life and then making outfits for someone who’s so rad and cool.

Take us back to how you first got into styling.
I went to college and played volleyball. I didn’t know what I really wanted to do, but I was always into fashion. I always dressed my friends from home, especially for events. Once I was finishing up college, my mom brought up the idea of red carpet and celebrity styling—back then, street style wasn’t really a thing. I started interning, which led to assisting, which led me to being able to move here.

Gigi Hadid departs The Mark Hotel for the 2021 Met Gala on September 13, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)

Who was your first major client?
I worked with Nadine Leopold a little bit before fully styling Gigi.

What’s it like working with someone who’s just at the beginning of her style evolution?
It’s been really fun. I love how Kaia is so classic and such a natural beauty. She’s so young, and I definitely keep that in mind. She can literally wear any designer—everyone is more than willing to loan clothes for her, and she looks great in everything.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
I like to have fun and take risks. I like going for pieces that make my clients feel their best. We change outfits based on how they’re feeling that day—it’s nice to have such amazing clients who like to change up their vibes.

There are so many pieces on your clients that we haven’t seen before! What kind of brands do you look for?
Finding up-and-coming designers from all around the world who have amazing ideas and really well-made clothing is always fun. Some of the things I love right now are Stalvey handbags. They’re really well crafted. I also love the basics like Prada, Fendi, and Nina Ricci.

Gigi Hadid (L) and Carine Roitfeld

What are your go-to stores in NYC?
Barneys, to source new brands; What Goes Around Comes Around; and Kirna Zabête.

You also style Yolanda Hadid. What’s it like to navigate that mother-daughter relationship?
It’s so amazing styling Yolanda, because I’ve always looked up to her and thought she has the chicest style. She has such positive energy, and it’s great to be around her. She loves structured, simple pieces. Gigi’s the same, but she’ll also go for a fun pink puffer or funky shoe—she likes a little twist.

Are you getting a lot of DMs on Instagram?
I am! It’s really nice seeing the young, aspiring fashion stylists reach out to me. I always write them back. So far, everyone’s been super sweet! [Laughs]

Do you go to shows during Fashion Week?
Last season, I made it to just one, which was Off-White. I was supposed to go to a lot more, but I got busy with my clients, and it’s really about them.

Who are some of your industry icons?
Cindy Crawford is such a timeless, classic beauty. I grew up watching The O.C. and Gossip Girl, so I looked up to the fashion on those shows. I also grew up around a lot of moms and was inspired by what they’re wearing. I love mom style!

If you weren’t a stylist, what do you think you’d be?
I love animals, so maybe I’d be rescuing them. I really want to go to Africa and work with the elephants.

What is it about your job that gets you most excited?
Seeing the photos of what the girls wear, literally every time! They really make the outfits come to life—I’m lucky I work with models. [Laughs]

A lot of stylists end up launching their own line. Any interest?
I’d love to come out with a fun brand. It would have to be at the right time with the right people behind it. I love bags and jewelry, but I love clothes, too. It might have to be something with a little bit of everything!


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