Mario Testino’s Latest Podcast Features Michael Kors

by Eddie Roche
Mira Mira

Mario Testino has chatted with Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz, and Gigi Hadid on his podcast in recent months, and the latest episode features a conversation with longtime collaborator Michael Kors. On Testino’s Mira Mira site (launched last September) the boys reminisce about working together with a young Gisele in the Nineties, reveal which model was a “daredevil” on set, and discuss the optimism of the Kors brand. “There’s something about continuity and change,” Kors commented about their success working together in a fickle world. Spoiler alert: We won’t ruin this for you, but one of the guys also sings a few bars of a Whitney Houston classic. Listen HERE. Incidentally, Testino explains on his site that the Spanish phrase “Mira Mira means look look...before you miss the moment.” The more you know…

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