Mariah Carey’s New Pride Collection Has Arrived!

by Aaron Royce

Attention, Lambily: Mariah Carey’s Pride collection is here! The elusive chanteuse has released a special line of MC merch to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, just in time for Pride Month in June.

The affordable collection, priced from $15-$60, covers a range of pieces inspired by Carey’s iconic albums and songs. “Loverboy” and “Heartbreaker” graphics cover t-shirts and tank tops, and the star’s own name (in multicolored letters, naturally) is embroidered on socks, hats, and face masks. There’s a hoodie and bike shorts sporting vibrant butterfly graphics, as well as multiple t-shirts featuring Mimi herself. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Pride collection without rainbows, which are found in abundance on two t-shirts and a wall flag (printed with artwork from her album of the same name). Plus, for extra drama, there’s a rainbow fan printed with “SHADE” for all of your future “I don’t know her” moments…!

Even though brands and corporations undergo a rainbow rebranding for Pride Month—regardless of their actual ties to the LGBTQIA+ community—Carey’s collection is purely genuine. The singer has been a longtime ally for LGBTQIA+ rights, regularly voicing support in interviews, and even covering Out‘s June 2014 issue. She’s also been previously honored with GLAAD’s Ally Award and participated in the organization’s anti-bullying Spirit Day campaign. This year’s Pride collection is her fourth since 2017.

For the ultimate fans, the collection’s oversized “Loverboy” shirt is a bold reference to her 2001 “TRL” stunt, when she removed a similar t-shirt to reveal a skintight outfit on-camera—with an ice cream cart included. Consider us…obsessed!

You can view the full Pride collection below, and shop it on Mariah’s website.

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