Mara Hoffman Designs A Home Collection For Anthropologie

by Dena Silver

Mara Hoffman’s trippy prints are a signature of her ready-to-wear and swimwear label, and the designer has just revealed that she’ll be bringing her colorful expertise to a home collection this spring. The assortment of rugs, bedding, candles, and throw pillows, all adorned with archived prints from her label, will be carried exclusively at Anthropologie. To celebrate her foray into home decor, Hoffman hosted a din last night at Empellon Taqueria, which was attended by fellow designers Pamela Love and Dannijo’s Danielle and Jodie Snyder as well as a slew of editors. But before her decor designs arrive in stores on June 2nd, your Daily snagged a chat with Hoffman to get the dish on the new line…and find out what her own abode looks like.

How did the idea to launch a home collection come about?
I knew that we always wanted to do home, and Anthropologie approached us to do a collab. It sounded like the safest, coolest, way to test the waters. We also already have a big representation in their stores and it was sort of a no-brainer to matchup our brands.

Will the brand ever expand beyond Anthropologie?
No, it’s exclusively for them!

Which pieces did you start the collection with?
Because the heart of the brand is prints, we had a huge list of everything in the world we could put our prints on, but we had to narrow that down due to timing and what we wanted to focus on. It turned out that pillows and rugs were the easiest things to start with.

What’s your favorite piece in the collection?
The chair!

Which aesthetics from your ready-to-wear line have translated to your home collection?
We went through the prints in our archive and asked which pieces the Mara Hoffman customer would put in her home. We also made sure to include the reoccurring messages and symbols in our prints, like feathers and eyes.

What’s the biggest difference in the design process between home and RTW?
Well, most things in the home goods segment stay flat, so you’re not thinking about wearability or wrapping a piece around a body.

How did you approach designing your own home?
It’s very eclectic. I’m super inspired by textiles from around the world and all of my travels, and I translate that into my home designs.

Do you have any pieces from the collection in your own abode?
Not yet! I’m dying to get samples though; that chair is going to be the first one I take home.

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