A Look Inside Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein’s Prenup

by Sydney Sadick

TMZ has just unveiled some dishy details in Harvey Weinstein‘s prenup agreement to Georgina Chapman in light of their 10-year anniversary. The “milestone” is quite significant for their agreement, which the former couple signed in December 2007. According to the agreement, Chapman was to receive $300,000 annually of spousal support for each year of marriage, but once they hit the 10-year mark, the figure jumped up to $400,000 for each year of marriage. TMZ reports Chapman will also get a payment of $4.75 million for her share of Weinsteins’ marital assets as well as a $3 million housing allowance.  Do the math, and you’ll see the Marchesa designer could receive as much as $12 million. P.S. Weinstein is reportedly worth over $250 million, so this probably isn’t that much of a biggie for him…


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