Gigi Hadid Called For Jury Duty at Weinstein’s Trial, CEO Returns to Away

by Aria Darcella
Gigi Hadid

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Gigi Hadid Summoned for Jury Duty at Harvey Weinstein’s Trial (Reuters)
Gigi Hadid preformed her civil duty this week, attending a pre-screening for the jury in Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial. Despite confirming she has met Weinstein before — and also admitting she’s met Salma Hayek, who might be called as a witness — Hadid was adamant that she could remain impartial, saying: “I think I’m still able to keep an open mind on the facts.” This does not necessarily mean she will wind up on the jury. A total of 360 people were summoned for the trial. More pre-screenings will happen today and Wednesday, with a second round of selections starting Thursday.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid (Getty Images)

Steph Korey Returns to CEO Position at Away (New York Times)
Steph Korey is once again CEO of the direct-to-consumer luggage brand Away only one month after stepping down. In December, The Verge published leaked Slack messages from Korey pressuring employees to work overtime. In the wake of the story Korey announced that she would move to an executive chairman position and that Stuart Haselden, former COO of Lululemon, would come on as CEO. Now, Korey and Haselden will share duties as co-CEOs. “Frankly, we let some inaccurate reporting influence the timeline of a transition plan that we had,” she told the New York Times. “All of us said, ‘It’s not right.’”


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Instagram Seems to Be Censoring Photoshopped Images (TechCrunch)
Some photoshopped images are getting caught in the crosshairs of Instagram’s ongoing fight against fake news. Photographer Toby Harriman noticed that a digitally altered landscape image posted by MIX Society was flagged as “false information.” Other photoshopped images posted to the account do not appear to have been flagged. It is unclear if the images was censored accidentally by Instagram fact-checkers, or if more altered images will come with warnings in the future.

Flagged images are visible on the poster’s page, but when enlarged a warning pops up informing the viewer that the image might contain false information. Furthermore, posts deemed “false” are harder to find in the explore tab or through tags, which could have wider implications for digital artists promoting their work.


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KCD Guides Ed Filipowski Supporters to Charities In Need (WWD)
KCD is honoring the late Ed Filipowski by naming two charities in which supporters and friends can make donations in his name: the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and The Center: The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center. The longtime co-chairman and chief strategist of KCD passed away Friday morning at the age of 58. Over the weekend the industry saw an outpouring of heartfelt messages from people who worked with Filipowski, remembering him for his warmth, professionalism, and talent.

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