School Chatter With Joseph Altuzarra

by Dena Silver

Today, Joseph Altuzarra spilled all the dirt on his meteoric rise to success at SCADstyle, a series of talked held at Savannah College of Art and Design’s Museum of Art. While you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get the full dish, the chat covered his first internships for the likes of Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler, plus some details about his financial backing from Kering. We snagged a moment with the young designer about his schoolboy days…

What were you like as a student?
I was very studious. I’d say I was a very curious kid.

Who’s been the best teacher to you throughout your career?
Anna Wintour

Has she passed along any pearls of wisdom?
Oh my God, there’s been so much advice over the years. But she told me to be very focused on my brand. That’s the best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten.

Got any sage words for aspiring fashion students?
I would tell them that they have to really love the work that they do, because it’s definitely not as glamorous as they think. And you have to really take joy in the menial, less glamorous parts of the job. Basically, you have to be in it for the right reasons.

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