Links of The Daily

by Dena Silver

Your morning dose of chic intel has arrived. Read on for today’s Links of The Daily…

Kate Lanphear Is The New Editor In Chief Of Maxim [Fashionista]
Her first issue will be revealed in March 2015

Michele Lamy Launches Hunrod [Vogue UK]
Along with jeweler Loree Rodkin, she creates a funky and cool bauble collection

Uniqlo To Reissue Greatest Hits From Jil Sander Collaboration [Telegraph UK]
The +J collection will hit stores, yet again, on September 23rd

Dustin Yellin On How Pioneer Works Became The NYFW Hot Spot []
He brought editors to Brooklyn twice in one week for fashion-related events

The Creative Class: Kim Hastreiter, Editor And Publisher [Business of Fashion]
Chatting with the creative force behind Paper

Killer Heels Step Into The Limelight At The Brooklyn Museum [New York Observer]
The exhibit dedicated to the art and history of the stiletto is now open

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