The Cute Reason Alber Elbaz Wants To Design Lily Collins Wedding Dress

by Eddie Roche

Lily Collins covers L’Officiel’s global winter issue (shot by Sam Taylor-Johnson) and chats with Alber Elbaz about her relationship and recent engagement to Charlie McDowell. In a candid conversation, Elbaz reveals himself as a lucky charm when it comes to solid marriages.  “Lily, you know, I’ve designed 32 wedding dresses…and 31 are still married,” he said. “You better call me when you need a dress!”

The Emily in Paris star tells Elbaz that the pandemic strengthened her relationship with McDowell, who is a film director and the son of Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen. “What’s interesting is that Charlie [McDowell] and I met just before Emily in Paris, and we got engaged this September.” she says. “Quarantine has made and broken up a lot of people, but the time together just solidified what we already knew about each other. Everyone has very much been who they are these last few months, because there aren’t any external distractions. We’re all really getting back to the core of who we are without the layers of society. When you’ve seen someone at their best and at their worst and you’re still right there with them, that’s a beautiful thing.”

Lily Collins (Sam Taylor-Johnson)

Collins also predicts our current times will eventually have a positive impact on our culture. “This has been such an intense experience of self-reflection and identity crisis,” she says. “It can be scary, especially when you’re surrounded by the same space and have to look inward to face the things about yourself or your future that you really hadn’t had to before. There’s the metaphorical mirror everyday of: Who am I? What do I want to accomplish? What makes me happy without distraction? Aside from that, it’s been a really important time to think about greater issues in the world like COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and politics in America. There’s been so much time to be quiet and sit still that I think there’s going to be a version of a Renaissance after this, where people are just dying to be creative.”

Lily Collins (Sam Taylor-Johnson)


Collins is next set to star in David Fincher’s new movie, Mank and will be returning to her role as Emily in season two of Emily in Paris.  

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