Kate Foley On What She Wore In High School, Dealing With Street Style Photogs, And More

by Paige Reddinger

Chicette Kate Foley seems to constantly get snapped by street style photogs at NYFW, and Paris is no different. A great outfit in Paris will garner a mad dash of flashes that are otherwise reserved for film and TV celebrities. We sat down with Foley to find out what she thinks about it all. The fashion consultant has been known to do a designer collab or two. But why will she probably never do her own label? That answer and much more, right this way! 

Do you remember your first fashion show?
I think it was a Marios Schwab show. I was working for a stylist named Natalie Wansbrough-Jones, who works for ELLE in the UK.

What surprised you about the industry when you first started?
That it’s a little more admin work than creative work!

You’re a favorite of street style photographers. Do you feel pressure to always dress up now?
I’ve always enjoyed clothes and dressing in a fun way, so I guess I always try to look good, but I don’t remember when it consciously became a thing.

What were you like in high school?
I went to a school where you could wear whatever you wanted; it was really alternative and creative. I used to wear jeans every day, which is super weird because I never wear jeans now. Never, ever, ever.

What are you looking forward to wearing from the Spring runways?
Well, I’m loving the ’70s trend, but I feel like for my body type, it’s not ideal. I never wear anything short and there are so many beautiful short dresses. There were some great ones at Carven. Also, I would love to wear everything from Marni’s Spring collection.

What’s it like going from the buying side of the business to creative consulting with brands?
I have a funny history: I worked in editorial, and then I went into buying. I feel lucky to understand both sides of the industry. I love working for myself now. There’s freedom, and it doesn’t feel like work, even though I’m working all the time!

You’ve done some design collaborations. Would you ever design your own line?
I would have wanted to years ago, but now I’ve seen too much and don’t think I’d want to! It’s just so intense; it’s neverending and there’s so much pressure. My boyfriend [Max Osterweis of Suno] designs a label so I feel like I can experience it through him.

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