How Influencer Jessica Wang Is Coping With Coronavirus Isolation

by Charles Manning

For the third installment of our new series, Cabin Fever Diaries, The Daily decided to check in with influencer Jessica Wang to see how she and her family are coping with isolation during the Coronavirus crisis.

Where are you right now?
At home with my family. The children are out of school, but my mom has been living with us to help take care of our daughters, so nothing has changed there.

Jessica Wang’s daughters (Courtesy)

Are you still getting dressed every morning or are you all just hanging out in your PJs?
Its been a bit difficult for everyone to dress up when we’re in the comfort of our own home, but the other day I dressed up in some bright neons and it really did brighten my day. And I was more productive! Apart from that, though, I am still staying in my PJ’s for most of the morning. 

What do you miss most about life before the isolation?
I miss having freedom. The freedom to take the kids out to parks and restaurants or traveling to new places without worrying that I might get sick (or get someone else sick). I also of course miss being able to grab drinks with my friends whenever and attend events and stick to my routine.

What are you doing to decompress?
I like to spend time with my children and husband and have also recently started my spring cleaning! It’s a really tough time for everyone psychologically, and I’m just trying my best to spread positivity. 

Jessica Wang (Courtesy)

How are you staying active?
Entertaining the kids keeps me active. We typically take walks in our backyard or cycle to the nearby trails.

How’s your sleep?
It’s hard to maintain a routine at this stage, but it is nice to have a few sleep-ins!

What about hygiene?
I’m definitely staying on top of it! Plus, now I have time for regular face masks, baths, and at-home spa days with my girls.

Jessica Wang (Courtesy)

And what’s your food situation like? Are you cooking more?
I’ve never been much of a cook in my house, but my mom and husband are a different story. Perhaps this is the time to learn!

If you could be in isolation with anyone, who would it be and why?
Everyone in my house right now — my husband, kids, and mom. I couldn’t live without them.

What do you wish you had an unending supply of?
I wish I could supply everyone with hope, happiness, and love during this time.

Did you over-buy anything?
I’m trying to be sensible and only buy what we need. It hurts to see the elderly generation going to empty supermarkets.

What are the last three things you Googled?
Karaoke machine (Gotta find ways to keep the family entertained. I ended up getting two karaoke microphones on Amazon.)
Coronavirus vaccine

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found yourself doing since isolating?
We’re all just snacking way too much. I got snacks delivered from Whole Foods that I thought would last us a month. Boy, was I wrong! We’re three days in and they’re all gone.

What was the last public thing you did before isolating?
With the exception of a visit to my dentist and another visit to my dermatologist, I started isolating right after Milan Fashion Week, so it’s been almost a month now for me.

What have you been binge watching?
100 Humans and Selling Sunset

What song would you like to sing to your neighbors from a balcony Italian style?
Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Are you learning anything new about yourself as a result of this experience?
I find that I miss working a lot. I miss shooting content outdoors, having meetings in the city, and traveling. When I spend a lot of time on the road, I miss being home, but I’m realizing now how much I take the freedom to travel for granted.

I’ve also witnessed the sheer power of media and social media over the past month. Sensational reporting has made fear more contagious than the virus, and it’s been disappointing to see how Asians have been attacked as carriers. There’s never been a time more appropriate than now to unify and have compassion for others, regardless of race.

Jessica Wang (Courtesy)

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