Jeremy Scott’s Material Girls for Moschino Fall/Winter 2017

by Paige Reddinger

From trash to treasure! Jeremy Scott turned fashion waste into fashion gold this season by spinning cardboard boxes, dry cleaning hangers and bags, garbage bags, duct tape, and magazine tears into clothing. Why not wear every bit of the fashion process? Scott, of course, is a master at transforming everyday products into fashion fixations. Everything from McDonald’s to Colgate to Barbie has been incorporated into his collections. This season was DIY fashion. Attention Scarlett O’Hara’s in training! If times are tough, don’t just look to drapes, darlings. Try Scott’s shower curtain as eveningwear (but good luck making it look as good as Scott does). Old gold watches adorned a very cool micro mini on Bella Hadid—this type of discarded bling is the kind of thing we can imagine Fergie, perched front row, rocking onstage. Scott has a brilliant sense of humor and is wickedly adept at turning the most gauche ideas into fashion heaven. What’s not to love about poking fun at the material girls of the world?

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