Jane Fonda’s Blog Is The Delightful Boomer Energy You Need

by Freya Drohan

I am utterly obsessed with JaneFonda.com. Who knew that such a delightful corner of the internet existed? On the homepage alone, there are links to blog posts containing her iconic fitness tips, two (!) stories about squirrels, throwback videos of the star herself, and random widgets everywhere.

It’s the perfect hybrid of social commentary—Fonda’s Fire Drill Fridays and her passion for organizing are still going strong—and what you imagine the aesthetic result would be like if your own 82-year-old relative got her hands on a content management system. Think: a gallery with photos of random friends, as well as personal highlights, in the middle of the site (with little-to-no context); updates with subject lines like ‘off the top of my head’ with her puppy as the header image; and snarky jabs at modern society.


A photo feed of random shots shows Lily Collins and her future mother-in-law, Mary Steenburgen (screenshot)

That being said, the site is also a treasure trove of meaningful and thought-provoking content. The ever-passionate octogenarian delves into topics including climate change, the fight against racism, and politics. She also chats to the likes of Eva Longoria, delivers personal messages to Chase Bank and anyone else who is in her firing line, and discusses her recent arrests. Your great aunt on Facebook could never!

Find out what you’re missing here.

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