Introducing Obvious, Reformation’s Lower-Priced Label

by Dena Silver

Reformation does a pretty chic job of rolling out consistently It girl-worthy wares. Founder Yael Aflalo is now making her eco-friendly collections even more accessible with Obvious, a lower-priced collection that just hit stores. With prices starting at $28, this range still captures the Reformation aesthetic sans a hefty price tag. So, do we really need to say more to get you shopping? A few words from Aflalo should help…

What can we expect from Obvious?
This collection has the same beautifully-made, effortlessly chic clothes our customer is used to: signature dresses, backless bodysuits, cropped faux fur, and easy mini skirts. They look great, fit well, and they’re not watered-down versions of our brand. I refuse to put a Reformation tag on anything that does not live up to our brand’s aesthetic, and I also wouldn’t place it on an item that doesn’t live up to our sustainable fashion practices.

What’s the story behind the name Obvious?
We called it the Obvious collection because it’s made of pieces that your closet obviously needs, at any price.

Why did you decide do a lower-priced line?
Reformation has never been about making clothes for women with a certain budget; rather, we aim to create clothes for women with a certain chicness. Even so, Reformation is still not within the price range of many fans and I felt personally responsible to change this. Our mission is to bring sustainable, sexy clothes to all markets so we set out to make a collection that more ladies could afford.

Will Obvious be eco-friendly as well?
Absolutely. We’re still using our three main fabric sources: new eco fabrics, vintage materials, and rescued deadstock. The collection is made in our downtown L.A. factory and follows all fully-sustainable production practices.

Tell us something obvious about yourself.
I recycle!

Do you have any cheap thrills? 
Drug store tights.

What’s your favorite splurge?
Shoes. Always shoes.



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